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downloadFor anyone looking to welcome spring in a green way, re-doing their garden is without a doubt the first thing to do. You want your outdoors smashing for the gorgeous warm nights and days you’ll be spending with your friends and family and – on top of that – you want it to be the healthiest option possible.

If you are not sure how to get down to the whole thing, we’ve come up with a great guide that will help you out!

  1. Keep it natural

You don’t need to use all kinds of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers in order to keep your yard looking gorgeous. Instead of relying on toxic and poisonous helpers, nix them altogether and layer on some all-natural compost instead. To wrestle pesky garden pests to the ground, call in beneficial insect reinforcements.

  1. Compost plays a role

Compost from kitchen scraps is the way to go. Throw in your fruit and vegetable waste to make a healthy, natural compost. By giving it a shot of high-powered, plant-loving nutrients, compost enriches soil fertility and stimulates healthy root development. The addition of earthy compost also improves aeration, water retention and soil texture. Plus, it’s not just that going natural on the soil is better for anything you plan, but you don’t need to waste your hard-earned cash on commercial products on top of it!Gocsej_village_house_3_garden Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Mar 262015

mint tea

Junk food has been on an exponential rise in the last couple of decades, and with it came the exponential rise in the alarming state of obesity our youth find themselves in. We could spend hours arguing which came first, the chicken or the egg, but the reality is that young people are always either too busy or too lazy to make proper meals for themselves. The issue has been heavily discussed ever since the US got labeled “the most obese country in the world,” sometime in the late 70s. Then came the onslaught of New Age medicine, and teleshopping channels, and diets we no longer dare pursue. At some point, it became widely known across the US that more exercise and less food was the path out of this embarrassing national problem, and in 2013, Americans were no longer the most obese, Mexicans were. Today, that unhappy position is occupied by the Kuwaiti

But the collective weight loss of a nation does nothing for us as individuals. Obesity is a global problem, and as with all global problems, the rest of the world was only too happy to point fingers at Americans whenever somebody mentioned diets. The truth is, we could all use a reset button, a flush, and a clean lifestyle to jump right into. Some people make it sound difficult, big pharmaceutical companies heavily market weight loss supplements, the fashion industry sets ridiculous goals. Every year we have a new cure-all super food. But deep inside, we know that the only way to get our life and our health back in check is to start out with steady and practical steps. We must tread lightly, but surely.

Healthy nutrition is a story for another article. This time we focus on drinking healthy. Whatever our diet is, our liquid intake is an entirely different matter. More is more in this situation, except when it isn’t. When drinking healthy is in question, the consumption of tea is second to only water. Continue reading »

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Mar 252015

If you have made the decision to install leadlight doors in your home, it is essential that you understand when and why they need to be reinforced. Doing so will prevent the leadlight from bowing or bending due to wind pressure or shock (such as slamming the door). As you can imagine, reinforcement is especially important for external entrances, as these areas are likely to experience considerable weathering and pressure.


When should a leadlight be reinforced?
Basically, the glass must be reinforced if both of its dimensions exceed 500mm. If the panel is 2 meters high and 500mm wide (as often occurs in a side-light), for example, reinforcing will not be necessary. If the panel is 2 meters high and 600mm wide, on the other hand, it will need to be reinforced. Wherever possible, the reinforcement should extend across the shortest dimension, but the design of the door can sometimes influence how this must be done.

In most cases, a straight line of zinc is run from one side of the leadlight to the other. This could be a single line straight through the middle (in the case of smaller panels) or it could be two lines at one-third intervals (in the case of larger ones). If the design would be spoiled by a straight line of zinc, however, there are other ways to reinforce the leadlight door (these are discussed below, but their use is up to the discretion of your contractor). Continue reading »

Mar 232015

There is a lot more to owning a home than decorating it and making sure you have the latest upgrades.  If you want your home to continually grow in value, you must maintain it.  It seems simple enough, but many home owners do not maintain their homes regularly like they should.  Maintaining a home does not mean just keeping it clean, keeping the yard groomed and making upgrades here and there when necessary.  Those tasks are important, but they are only a few tasks that should be included in your home maintenance checklist.

A new level of deep cleaning

Cleaning is an important part of maintaining a home, obviously.  When most of us think about deep cleaning we think of tasks like scrubbing the bathrooms, dusting the blinds, organizing closets and mopping.  These are tasks that might not be done every day, but at least every week.  According to My Home Ideas, deep cleaning should mean much more. In order to keep a home in top shape, along with the tasks listed above, other tasks such as cleaning tub stoppers and drain holes should take place.  Not only does this keep our appliances working regularly, it saves us from gagging when the drains have to be unclogged after years of built up hair and debris.  It is also wise to clean out aerators, outdoor drain gates and other areas you normally would not think of, but can do damage to a home if they are not regularly cleaned. Continue reading »

Mar 222015

A great info-graphic I received!

Anthem affiliates offer a telehealth benefit through LiveHealth Online in many, but not all, Medicare Advantage plans. 

There was a study just published that says older adults are willing to use telehealth if it’s offered: http://newsroom.accenture.com/news/tech-savvy-seniors-want-online-options-to-access-care-from-home-accenture-survey-shows.htm

TelehealthCampaign_LiveHealth-01Submitted by: Doug Bennett Jr. I Public Relations Director I Anthem, Inc.

13550 Triton Park Blvd., Louisville, Ky. 40223 I Office (502) 889-2103 I Mobile (502) 475-2650


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Mar 202015

“Please pay attention, as some of our options have recently changed.”

Seriously. Does this phrase even mean anything anymore?

You place a call to any business, physician’s office, organization, or any other number in the world and you hear this recording. So is there ANY place that has NOT changed their options?

shutterstock_91955405Why am I asking this?

Because I am weary of the all the “noise” we hear every day…announcements and warnings and instructions that really don’t mean anything. We don’t listen to them anymore, because we don’t believe they are real. What we’d really like is to actually dial a number and speak to a real breathing person.

Every once in a very rare while, when the moon is in the third house and the owl flies with a stick in its mouth against the west wind, that actually happens…a human answers.

Even rarer, a human answers and can help us. Maybe even (dare I say it) answers our question or directs us to the correct person.

I know, crazy talk.  If that happened when I called a cable company, or telephone company, or utility company, it would be dangerous. Because I would faint and hit my head on the desk.

I can’t imagine that all these automated answering systems are really saving anyone money. Not if you equate efficiency with economics. Invariably, you have to suffer through all the possible options before you finally arrive at the final one…which is the number you press to  speak to someone. Which you could have done at the beginning if a person had answered.

And I also love how every time I call, no matter what day, time, or month, I hear We are experiencing an unusually high volume of calls. You might wish to call back at another time.”

What time would that be, if every day the volume is unusually high?

Maybe never? Continue reading »

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Mar 192015

imagesIf you are one of those people who think that they won’t have to learn ever again once they graduate, you are wrong. Even when you find your perfect job, you need to improve your knowledge and keep up with the latest trends. As the science and technology rapidly develop, you will have to follow them, and more importantly, you will have to understand them. One of the most effective ways to do that is to go back to school again. The term “continuing education” doesn’t refer to completing your unfinished degree. On the contrary, it serves as a great means of additional education for those who have already graduated. Here are some most crucial reasons why you should continue your education while working.

Set your goals first

Once you get hired, you need to determine your goals. If you are ambitious, set them high and try hard to reach them one day. We all have to start at the bottom and to work our way up. You need to detect what kind of knowledge you want to revise or enhance, depending on your interests and ambitions.

Boost your motivation

The biggest problem with every job is that, no matter how much you love it, you will eventually get into a daily routine. Many people start feeling depressed and unmotivated, which negatively influences their performance on the job.  Most companies look for young, ambitious and talented experts, who will manage to do the entire job with ease and stay positive. If you aren’t motivated enough, no one will admire you as a true professional.

That is exactly when education starts playing an immense role. You will learn dozens of things you’ve never heard of and at the same time, you will revise your previous knowledge. Education will help you fight the routine and help you feel more satisfied and confident. Finally, your employers will appreciate your motivation and positive energy. Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Mar 142015
Married for 40 years, Brittie cared for Frank who developed Parkinson's Disease Psychosis.

Married for 40 years, I cared for my husband who developed Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis. Photo courtesy  of  Sidney Hollingsworth.

Testimony volunteered by B. P. of Albuquerque, New Mexico, in hopes that it may be of help to Parkinsons patients, their caregivers, and doctors.

For over 9 years, my beloved husband and I had been successfully battling his slowly progressing Parkinson’s disease with medications and exercise. In October 2013, we had a big party to celebrate his 90th birthday. Three months later, he started having auditory hallucinations, listening to the same music played over and over again, all day long. Then came the visual hallucinations. At first they were benign, but by mid-year they terrified him. Waking up at night and not recognizing his surroundings, he would think himself lost in scary circumstances such as being in a foreign country or in mountains, edging his way along a precipice. Though our marriage of 40 years had transpired in loving harmony, he started having detailed and recurrent hallucinations that I was being unfaithful to him. Once, in the early hours of dawn, he made me call the police to save us from a gang violent thieves that he was convinced were hiding in the garage.

When it became clear that he had developed Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis (PDP), his physicians tried a number of medications to deal with the hallucinations, but none was effective. Soon, my husband’s condition required round-the-clock caregivers. I was unable to celebrate his 91st birthday because he was too detached from reality. Finally, I was advised that he needed to be in a nursing facility with a dementia unit. Such beds were scarce, and it took my daughter and me some time before we were able to find the place my husband would spend his last days. He died in December 2014.  It broke my heart that my wonderful husband, who deserved to die in his own bed surrounded by his loving family, was not able to do so because PDP hallucinations made it impossible to keep him at home.

About Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis: Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis is a debilitating disorder that commonly consists of hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations are more common and often are visual. Research has shown that delusions often involve suspicions of spousal infidelity or other paranoid themes and are often disturbing and debilitating to patients. PDP substantially contributes to the burden of Parkinson’s disease and deeply affects a patient’s quality of life. Parkinson’s Disease Psychosis is also associated with increased caregiver distress and burden, nursing home placement, and increased morbidity and mortality.

As many as one million Americans live with Parkinson’s disease, which is more than the combined number of people diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy and Lou Gehrig’s disease. Approximately 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease each year, and this number does not reflect the thousands of cases that go undetected.

I’m hopeful that soon there will be an FDA approved treatment for PDP so that other families can find the help that I would have treasured for my own husband.

Mar 142015

furniture-429297_640With the growth of our modern society, the needs of the average human have increased. Those needs being increased have naturally led to increased consumption of common materials, as well as storage space. In order to improve the quality of used space, something must be done. Some clever heads had come up with the idea to use plastic pallets, instead of the common wooden ones. Why, you may ask? In this article, I will present to you both of the sides, and leave the final judgment to you.


Of course, the first thing to cross your mind is “How much is it going to cost me?” Although the price in money is on the side of wooden pallets, for they can easily be made, overall the plastic ones are a bit cheaper. How? Well, for starters, we will reduce the amount of wood cut down each year in the Amazon forests. Not bad, and step by step, maybe we can stop this ugly practice. Though you can resell wooden pallets, you will never get the price you have invested. On the other hand, with the lifespan of at least ten years, plastic is quite favorable and money-friendly.


Wood is highly prone to damage, that is clear. It is easily damaged when wet, and worms and other pests are making their homes within it, etc. If one of the boards is broken, it can be easily and quickly replaced with another, but I’m afraid that’s the end of the advantages of wooden pallets. On the other hand, plastic can be highly durable, and although it can’t be replaced if it cracks, it is resistant to acid, termites and water. In fact, it can be treated with a stream of hot water or sanitizing chemicals in order to remove all bacteria, so it can be used even in wet conditions. Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Mar 132015

When it comes to purchasing new window coverings, many homeowners of today are interested in ordering them online. Many believe that this will save them time and money, whereas others believe that they will receive sub par quality or a completely different product to what they ordered. As with any purchase decision, there are pros and cons associated with buying vertical blinds online; we have outlined a number of them here.



  • They are capable of covering wide windows (up to 16 feet or even wider, depending on the manufacturer you have selected). Not all types of blinds are suitable for such large openings.
  • They are capable of covering very tall windows (over 8 feet high in most cases). Again, not all types of blinds are suitable for such large openings or will present closing issues.
  • There is a wide variety of fabric and vinyl slats available, ensuring they will suit almost any décor. This also makes them suitable for every room in the house, from the bathroom to the bedroom.
  • They are capable of providing complete privacy from peeping toms and nosy neighbours (depending on the material used). This is the perfect choice for homes on busy streets.
  • It is relatively easy to replace slats and mechanical components should they become damaged. Many manufacturers selling vertical blinds online actually have these parts available, too.
  • They can be configured to open to the left, to the right or even to be split down the middle. This ensures that the blinds will gather on the most appropriate side and will not hinder use.
  • Even when closed, the slats can be tilted to allow more or less sunlight into the room as required. This helps you to maintain your privacy without living in the dark.
  • When open and drawn back, they (usually) allow full access to the window opening or door behind. This is perfect when openable windows or French/sliding doors are present.
  • They are typically less expensive than other window coverings, such as venetian and roman blinds. This is one of the main reasons that this product is still so popular today.
  • Cord-free and motorized options are now available through many manufacturers for maximum child safety. This makes the blinds safe for use in children’s bedrooms and nurseries.

Continue reading »

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Mar 122015

Having a big house and large rooms means that you have space for everything you need, from a comfortable sofa to a big-screen TV. However, if you live in smaller house you probably know very well how important every corner in the house can be when it comes to available space. Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks to create more room in your house, and we will examine some of them here.

Use the Angles
While most people don’t consider this idea at all, placing some of your things above the eye-level truly is a great solution for saving space. Not only can you make extra high shelves, but you can use the top part of your walls for some more shelves as well – some people even make shelves that are under the ceiling and go around the room, on all four walls. You can install ceiling cabinets in the kitchen as well, or
you place some boxes or things you don’t often use near the ceiling.

Rearrange the Desk
If you work from home, it’s only natural to spend most of your day behind the desk and consequently, fill it up with unnecessary papers and things that create a mess. What you can do is make a filing system that will help you stay neat and eliminate space-consuming items. Shred all the papers you don’t need, put the needed ones in folders and binders, and your working area will look much bigger in no time.
Continue reading »


John Stone is a home improvement enthusiast with a keen interest in all things DIY, home design and latest developments in technology. He is also an avid Formula 1 fan who tries to enjoy life to the fullest.

Mar 122015

At a time in your life when you should be on top of things, enjoying family and the fruits of your career, if you’re like the women I coach, chances are you’re stressed. We’ve been called the sandwich generation among other things. Between aging parents and growing children we’ve got plenty of time, money and energy demands. We’re strapped for time so even if we’re motivated to exercise we can’t find the time.

Cortisol is the stress hormone. We need a little, but unfortunately some of us have won the cortisol lottery. When you are low on sleep, high on demands, and don’t have the support you need, cortisol just has her way with you.

Insulin loves to team up with cortisol and the two act like belly fat bullies. You tend to crave more (and not more of carrots or kale), and once insulin is released after a Krispy Crème or comforting mac and cheese, all fat metabolism stops. What you eat then is stored easier and nests longer.

If you are one of the millions of women who suffer from too little or low-quality sleep, then your cortisol is high. In addition to that, you get signals from another hormone, ghrelin, telling you you’re hungry. Ghrelin comes on strong the day after a restless night. Helping fat storage even further is leptin.  Leptin is your satiety hormone. She tells you that you’re full. If you’ve put on significant weight she may have gone to Tahiti. So you’re stressed, sleep-deprived, and low on willpower.  You’re craving carbohydrates and nothing ever tells you you’re full. That’s a recipe for more weight. Continue reading »


Debra Atkinson, MS, CSCS is America's Boomer Fitness Expert. She's been a fitness expert, author, and international presenter for 30 years. She is the author of Navigating Fitness After 50: Your GPS For Choosing Programs and Professionals You Can Trust. Connect with her at www.voiceforfitness.com/activeagingsecrets

Mar 112015

images (2)Having a garden is a good and nice hobby. It can be the place where you can enjoy yourself after the long day at work. With all the chemicals that are used to help your garden look beautiful and well protected from any kind of pest, weed or different types of bugs, why don’t you take the challenge onto the next level? Make your garden greener. Now, you’re probably asking yourself how is this possible. Before we answer this question, let’s consider some other things that may help you realize why you should do it.

Anything that we use today is made using energy from fossil fuels that pollute our environment and has a large impact on the so-called greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect leads to global warming which may impact every plant and living creature on Earth, including humans.

Using compost instead of chemical fertilizers

Of course it’s easy to start your car, drive to a local market for gardening supplies and buy some of the chemical fertilizers which will make your garden grow and glow. By doing this you will pollute the air while driving your car, and by supporting the chemical industry that makes the fertilizers (using energy from fossil fuels), you are polluting soil and water as well. There is no doubt that your garden will be good looking. On the other hand, you can make the compost yourself. All the ingredients can be found in your kitchen and around your house. You’ll need a compost bin (which can be easily found on the market), and some type of organic waste like apple cores, vegetable peels, coffee grounds and so on. Put all of this organic waste into the compost bin, and seal the lid well in order to prevent bugs and worms from getting in. After a month you will have the compost ready to use in your garden. Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Mar 052015

Shredding services preserve the non-public information of all businesses and organizations securely by destroying it completely into particle pieces to prevent identity theft. Identity theft is an activity similar to data breaching that may lead to you losing your confidential information. And shredders offering security in shredding services are consistently providing a dedicated service methodology to avoid data breaching.

Shredding Services

Some corporate and business individuals shred their confidential documents by themselves, which is not up-to par for many reasons. What to do in such cases? Should I hire a document shredder? Yes. Here are few reasons why you should hire a shredding service

  • Saves your money – Cost efficiency

The first thought arising in most people’s minds is that ‘hiring a document destruction company will be expensive’. Due to this, they buy their own mini-shredding machine which may cost less initially. They don’t consider the maintenance cost of the equipment, which is actually higher. And this does not include training, policy implementation and trace-ability. Calling a shredder will save you the cost of equipment maintenance and provide a more complete destruction.

  • Saves time – Higher work production

In companies, there is a loss of the time that an employee spends destroying documents; and hiring a shredder saves the employer time & money and increases security and compliance. Consequently, employees not spending their time on document or data destruction would be would be spending their time getting more work done. Continue reading »

Mar 032015

5445969206_ee4a3c1121_bAny remodeling is a large project if done right. Regardless of the size of the space you are remodeling, you’ll need to invest time, dedication and money into making things look just the way you want them. The whole process will be much simpler and more fun if you’ve already got an idea in mind, and we bet you do!

After all the remodeling is done, you’ll not only have a gorgeous bathroom but your home will increase in value in case you want to sell one day.

If you are on a budget yet you want to turn your small bathroom into a good looking, functional one, you shouldn’t worry much. Small bathroom remodeling projects are less expensive, but once they are done they look more spectacular than a large room redesign.

We have singled out some great space-saving ideas, tips and designs to help you turn your small, old, lacking charm & function bathroom into a bright, beautiful and modern home interior.

Always have a plan!

When it comes to remodeling, it doesn’t really matter whether we are talking huge or small spaces. Every remodeling, to be successful, needs a well thought-out plan in order for the project to be realized just as you have imagined it.

Think about the space first. Are you considering re-plumbing the whole bathroom? Maybe even re-positioning of bathroom equipment and toiletries? Are you going to have new elements installed? These and similar questions are what you should ask yourself before diving into the project of remodeling. 
Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Mar 022015

Received the following information…

My name is Maryann and I am a casting director at Vitamin Enriched, a real people casting company in NYC.  A few months back we were casting a documentary style video looking for Sandwich Generation baby boomers and you sent the information out to your readers.  We have another great casting opportunity for people 55-75, and we were hoping you might be able to share this as well.  (If this casting call sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you, too!)

We’re looking for men and women in the NY tri-state area who can talk about the paths they’ve taken to financial success. We’re casting several commercials and looking for several types of individuals and family scenarios. (Couples, singles and retirees, 55 – 75 yrs old, with at least $1 million in assets) It’s a great project, and everyone who books the commercial will be paid $1,000 each. I’d love to offer this opportunity to you or anyone in your group who may be interested. Let me know me know if you have any questions.

I have included the details below as well as a link to the project.

Thank you!



Commercial casting for 55 – 75 yr olds about financial success

  • How have you prepared your children for their financial futures?
  • Are you retired and still working by choice?
  • How have you used your Social Security benefits in a not-so-common way?
  • What are some of the financial challenges a modern family faces? 

We’d love to hear your story! 

Submission details:


(NY Tri-State area only, please.  Must be 55-75 years of age with $1 million + in assets. This is for demographic purposes only. We won’t be discussing any specifics of this in the commercial.) Continue reading »

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Feb 282015

downloadOne of the most crucial features of every woman is her hair. Keeping your hair constantly healthy and beautiful requires undertaking numerous treatments and procedures, which might seem easier than it really is. For example, every season influences our hair differently and we need to make the treatment appropriate to it.

During the long and cold winter, our hair becomes dry and cracked, which is why intensive moisturizing and hydrating products are highly recommended. However, they are not adequate for your spring hair as well, which is why they need to be replaced.

Here are some amazing treatments that will make your spring hair simply gorgeous.

Trim your hair

No matter how long your hair is, its health is the number one priority. This is the main reason why you should start the spring season with having your hair trimmed. If you are reading this and thinking that you don’t need to have your hair cut, you are terribly wrong. After the winter, the ends of your hair become split and dry, which could cause numerous problems.

Trimmed hair is healthier and looks more beautiful. However, if you have long and smooth hair, don’t despair. You don’t have to get some large cuts; only dry ends need to be eliminated. Once you do that, you hair will be renewed and stronger.

Bright highlights

As spring and the summer approach, you may need to change your hair color. Women usually choose darker colors for the winter and brighter ones for the spring.

One of the most gorgeous ideas to brighten your hair is to get highlights. For achieving a natural, sun-kissed effect, you should contact an experienced hairstylist. The most important thing you need to remember is that the highlights mustn’t be more than two shades brighter than the base. Huge contrasts aren’t appropriate for creating a natural look.images Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Feb 252015

images (1)There are many perks to having your own business, especially if you are able to run it from home. However, even though it sounds inviting to just open a business; it does have its downsides too. But if you manage to run a successful business and if you find the perfect balance of work and home activities, then you can reap the full benefits of a home-based business.

Moreover, if you are looking for a more balanced life, and to spend more time with your family, a home-based business might be the right answer for you.

Working for yourself

Being self-employed sounds great, especially if you plan ahead properly and if you take all the necessary steps to make your dream become a reality. Being your own boss is beneficial because you can regulate your own expenses, and your income too; and most importantly you have all the creative freedom, as you will not have to clash with your boss over simple things.

But, just because you do not have a boss to answer too, it does not mean that you should not focus on building up your business to become more successful.

Maximum flexibility

The best thing about being self-employed is that you can set your own schedule, and that you can have a flexible working week, but be careful not to get too carried away. You should however, make a clear distinction between working and spending time with your family, and sometimes this will be hard as you are separated only by a thin wall. Continue reading »

About Diana Smith

Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Feb 242015

Cracks in the walls, faulty electrical installations, clogged drainage. Those are just some of the things probably no homeowner in the world likes to even think about, not to mention having to fix. That of course does not mean you should just look the other way and pretend everything is ok. Proper and regular house maintenance can make your life much easier (and safer, for that matter), but things sometimes just get out of hand, even if you give your best to keep the house in order every day. There are factors that simply cannot be bypassed, for example living in an old house or the influence of climatic conditions. If you are long overdue for a complete house renovation, here are several things you should consider before you start with the project.

First things first: the budget.  Careful planning of finances can never be overestimated. You will need to outline every single item in the expenditure list, so think it over thoroughly and try to include everything. The last thing you want to happen is to run out of funds in the midst of project, with half your house torn down. Check your finances and evaluate how much money you will be able to spend on the project.

When you have decided how much money is available for the project, you will need to construct a work plan. This includes many things, like choosing which company to hire, what style do you want your new house to be like, how long will it take to complete the project and where will you reside until the project is done (will you stay at home or rent a hotel if the house will be full of dust and debris for a while). Continue reading »


John Stone is a home improvement enthusiast with a keen interest in all things DIY, home design and latest developments in technology. He is also an avid Formula 1 fan who tries to enjoy life to the fullest.

Feb 232015

Most people want a brighter smile. However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which form of teeth-whitening is best for you. Your options include using an over-the-counter product like you see in commercials, or having a dentist professionally whiten your teeth. Which is the better choice?

Teeth Whitening


Incorrect use of over-the-counter whitening products has been demonstrated to lead to pain along the gum line and sensitivity in the teeth. By using professionally-prescribed trays, you can minimize this risk since those products reduce the amount of bleach that contacts your gums. Similarly, your gums are protected during in-office treatments via a gel or rubber shield.


In-office treatments provide the fastest results. Results can be seen in just one treatment of an hour or less.

Other treatments take significantly longer. It’ll take you up to 12 weeks to see results with a whitening rinse. Over-the-counter gels and strips operate quicker, but still take a few days to provide initial results and the latter must be worn for two weeks. Tray-based whiteners must also be worn for a couple of hours per day, or even every night for up to four or more weeks. Continue reading »


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Feb 232015

Making new friends…do you find that easy to do? Do you stay in touch with many old friends, or just a few?   (sorry about the rhyming.)

If you’ve moved across the country, changed jobs, divorced or undergone any major life change, finding new friends—and keeping the old—can be a challenge. When we’re younger, there seem to be so many opportunities to meet others who share our interests. But it can get a lot tougher as we age.

I remember years ago working with a person who said, “I have enough friends. I don’t need any more.” This person was probably 40. I was so taken aback by that statement; I couldn’t imagine not wanting to add new friends to my life.

PICT2068I’ve been fortunate in that even though I did move to a new part of the country, I have made a few very precious new friends. And just as satisfying is keeping friendships alive that I had at my previous address. In fact, there are a few friends I’ve not seen since I was a child.

What is it that makes one friendship stick, while another fades away?

For me, changing my life taught me many things about friendships. One big lesson was how much I value people who are giving, caring, and interested in others. They’re the ones you can count on when things are bleak. They’re not just your pals when you have a great job, live in a cool city, or have good connections. They’re the ones who will sit with you when you cry about a lost love, rage over an unfair boss, or worry over an aging parent.

And when you have a friend like that, you for sure want him or her in your life always. Continue reading »

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Feb 222015

Guest Author: Dr. Carmen Catizone

8x10pressready-NOborderIn a perfect world, 100% of Internet pharmacies would be operated by licensed pharmacists who adhere to state and federal pharmacy laws. In reality, nearly 97% of more than 10,900 online pharmacies that the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy® (NABP®) has evaluated appear to be operating in conflict with United States pharmacy laws and patient safety standards. It is important to be cautious when choosing an online pharmacy; if you do not see the warning signs you could end up shopping on a rogue pharmacy website.

How Do You Spot a Rogue Online Pharmacy?

For starters, if the Internet pharmacy does not require a prescription, it means that they are not adhering to state and federal pharmacy laws. Obtaining prescription medication without a prescription is dangerous. Prescription drugs are prescribed based on a doctor’s examination and are meant to treat a specific individual’s condition. What works for one person may not work for another. A lot goes into prescribing a medication; your age, physical symptoms, medical history, allergies, and other medications that you are taking are factored into the decision. Simply going to a website and self-prescribing a medication can lead to serious health consequences, including illness, permanent injury, or death.

Some rogue online pharmacies ask for a prescription based on an online questionnaire and this is just as dangerous as no prescription at all because the prescription is not based on a doctor’s evaluation of your health. Another warning sign is an online pharmacy that does not have a phone number or street address posted. You should have a way to contact a licensed pharmacist with any questions that you may have, and you need to be able to verify that the pharmacy is located in the country in which you reside. Email-only contact information is not a substitute for a phone number, you could be corresponding with an unlicensed person anywhere in the world.

If you have to sign a waiver to obtain medication, it is a sure sign that you are shopping on a rogue online pharmacy. Signing away your rights should not be part of the medication purchasing process. Why would an online pharmacy need you to sign a waiver? Some rogue Internet pharmacies have been found to sell counterfeit medications with dangerous filler ingredients such as rat poison and drywall. Other sites sell medications that are manufactured in unsanitary environments or are painted with chemicals like printer toner to resemble the color of legitimate medications. Still, other websites sell counterfeit medications with too much, too little, or no medication at all. This puts you at risk for becoming ill from the medication or leaving your condition untreated. Continue reading »

Feb 192015

In the e-book “Better With Age”, retired attorney-turned author John Lefevere spins a tale of a technologically deficient baby boomer fearful of losing his executive position in an upcoming merger.  He decides to turn the tables on the younger executives who want him out, and begins secretly educating himself on everything from smartphones to sending tweets and beyond.

What happens next?

Scandal, death, and vindication…just another day in the corporate world! But it brings up an interesting question for anyone of boomer age and beyond:

wi9yf7kTQxCNeY72cCY6_Images of Jenny Lace Plasticity Publish (4 of 25)What do we do when everyone around us seems to be light years ahead in technology—and we need to catch up fast?

Can it be done, especially if we were never tech-savvy to begin with?

Lefevere gives his motivation behind the writing of Better With Age:  “The impact of losing a job when you are most vulnerable, such as five to ten years from retirement, when you have financial responsibilities can be devastating, particularly if you are in the ‘sandwich’ situation:  supporting children/grandchildren and also your parents.  The threat of losing the job can be just as stressful, and possibly more so….If you’re not up-to-date digitally, these stresses can increase even more.”

Personally, I know I’ve taken some steps in the right direction, but I also know I’m a dinosaur in many areas. (I can hear a niece and nephew laughing.) I try to keep up with what I need to know in my profession, but often hear new terms and lingo and wonder what the heck is that, and do I really need to know?

But often, the answer is yes. I do need to know. I need to do some research, read an industry publication, and/or call on someone a lot smarter than me and get the dirt. I owe that to those I do business with. And I don’t want to be left behind. Continue reading »

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Laura is a long-time professional writer and creator of www.RockTheWrinkle.com, a blog for boomers all about starting over, recharging, and celebrating the wisdom that comes with the wrinkles. She's proud of hers!

Feb 182015

imagesSadly, our neighbors at home had to cut the wilting shrubs that once provided a thick curtain of privacy for both of us. Quite frankly, this created some Big Brother uneasiness when roaming around the garden freely. Luckily, our research has unveiled plenty of natural and man-made options by which we could obtain backyard privacy. Sometimes you just need to isolate a bit from the prying eyes for a peaceful afternoon in the shade. We opted for a combo of fences and plants, and here is a top selection of methods that may come in handy if you’re facing a similar problem.

Hedges and plant layering

In case your fence is not the best looking one, you may want to give the classic hedge a go. Diversity in available hedges can neatly accommodate the conditions of your region. Involve various shrub types to make your hedges less uniform, or you may want to trim the hedges regularly for the neat, geometric look. Ensure a wider bottom for many years of pleasant outlook. To give your backyard space a more colorful appearance and to create a mini botanical garden, choose among the numerous available evergreen and deciduous plants (bamboo!). AN uneven number of plants will provide a truly special effect. Place the taller evergreens in the back, and decorate the foreground with blooming kinds.

50 shades of privacy: walls, fences and lattices

A quick solution may be needed if you’ve just finished a new pool or playground, and that solution can be a versatile tongue and grove wall. You can put walls only in strategic spots, but not before consulting on local building restrictions. Lattices can provide less coverage but more light and style then a wall. When it comes to fences, we take you on a paparazzi tour to the famous Ivy restaurant in Hollywood. Its signature sign is a precisely medium height wooden fence protecting the stars’ privacy. Painted white and distressed, it has a distinct countryside charm. Whatever choice you make, be sure to address the space issue if you have a moderately sized backyard. Continue reading »

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Feb 172015

Swimming pool landscaping is not a difficult task when you know the basics that people should keep in mind while designing. Here are some important tips that will help you to design it in a better way.

Planning your design
First of all, you need to start collecting ideas for your pool landscaping, and take note of the colors, textures & patterns of curves, straight lines, and other significant areas of your house and garden structure. When you keep all of these things in mind and then do your pool landscaping, then you will get an organized design and you will not have the feel of some odd pattern that is just not matching with the look and feel of your house.

landscaping ivanhoe

Pool plant choices
Planting will help you to soften the lines of your swimming pool, and it helps the pool landscape area to match with the house landscape. You can opt for broad-leafed evergreens, ground covers and ornamental grasses that require low maintenance. Make sure to get trees on the south side of the pool blocking the sun rays in the colder days while providing shade in the hot summer days. Avoid deciduous trees as they bear fruit, attract bees, have prickles, or develop invasive root systems that also have a potential to damage the pool landscaping.

Fences for privacy and safety
If you have pets and small children’s in your house, then fences are necessary for their safety. It will also help you to lock up the entire pool area for much needed privacy, and this could also save lives. A full privacy fence is six feet high with boards arranged in an overlapping shadow box. If you prefer air passage and light, then you can opt for a lattice or basket weave fence. Continue reading »