Nov 262014

Acoustic ceilings are becoming popular in all types of spaces. You will find acoustic tile ceilings in homes, schools and organizations. In order to lower the current height of a room, acoustic ceilings can be used. Acoustic ceilings are installed to serve two very specific purposes. The acoustic plates can absorb sound waves to decrease the general decibel levels in a particular room. Additionally they can absorb certain frequencies of sound whose presence can make it difficult for the occupants of the room to hear with clarity. They reduce the sound reverberations of a room. Another purpose served by an acoustic ceiling is sound insulation. The acoustic panels reduce and remove any noise inside the room caused by external sources.

Acoustic Ceilings

The Benefits  Provided By These Ceilings

An acoustic ceiling can impart some useful advantages to the space it is installed in.

  • Durability : These ceilings are highly durable.  Acoustic type of ceilings can last for a considerable period of time provided the quality of the ceiling is good.
  • Noise Absorbant : These ceilings have a high capacity for absorbing undesirable sounds.  These ceilings help to dampen the ambient noise.
  • The echo effect in rooms can be reduced and eliminated by the installation of these ceilings.
  • The whole quality of sound in the particular room is improved by a considerable margin.
  • The acoustic type of ceilings can eliminate the escape of sound from one room to another or from one floor to another.
  • Acoustic ceilings are constructed from fire resistant materials which make the ceilings resist fire damage.
  • These ceilings offer visual appeal as well by covering up the hard ceilings which can be unappealing to look at.
  • Acoustic type of ceilings can hide all wires as well as pipes attached to the hard ceilings. Yet, those items can be accessed easily in case repairs are needed.
  • Easy to fix: These ceilings are easy to fix in an unappealing room.  The ceilings can be easily painted to ensure the décor of the room is not hampered in any way. 
  • How do they work?
    This type of ceiling is made up of the stick-build grid system and acoustic ceiling tiles. It is also called a lay-in ceiling which has many advantages like being versatile, durable and cost-effective. One major benefit of acoustic ceiling is that the ceiling tiles can be removed without damage to the system and items above the system can still be maintained.
  • Applications
    An acoustic ceiling can be put to use in a number of different projects. These building projects can be domestic, educational or marketable. Continue reading »

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Nov 252014

Creating a sense of privacy while letting in plenty of natural light and views can be an issue for many homes. In the past, frosted glass and screens have been the only ways of tackling this issue. These days, however, there are a number of creative approaches that you can take with your architectural windows to ensure that privacy is present.


  1. Screening
    It is important that we don’t disregard screening just because it has been around for a while. It is still quite effective at providing privacy and protecting your furnishings from the sun. A horizontal screen is also an option if you have two-story neighbors. We recommend opting for a screen that can be removed when the windows need to be cleaned.
  2. View Obstruction
    Instead of just frosting your architectural windows, why not consider panels that will obstruct the view towards your neighbors property? The panels can be oriented to allow views, but only in the direction they are wanted. This is the perfect option for bathrooms, as you often want nice views but don’t want people to seeing you bathing!
  3. Patterns
    The use of a beautiful screen (particularly one that has an attractive pattern cut into it) can help to provide your home with privacy as well as giving it life via patterns and shadows. You could also choose to frame your windows with patterned metal screens – you will be able to see out but they make it very difficult to see in. Continue reading »
Nov 242014 holidays are upon us. The grocery stores are buzzing with turkey orders, neighborhood pumpkin patches are being converted over to Christmas tree lots (I prefer the evergreen smell over the hay), everyone is talking about where they’re celebrating and who they are going to be with for Thanksgiving this year.

It’s not enough to just have Thanksgiving.  According to the stories on the radio, TV, newspapers, magazines and online, you must have THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVER! You can spend hours just focusing on your turkey. (I always stuff my turkey with apples and oranges because it helps keep the cavity moist. Do not use this idea on your vagina…it will not work!


So what else is the menopausal woman focused on this Thanksgiving?

– She is focused on how she is going to remember to even buy the turkey?

– She is focused on her stomach and her hips — wondering how she is going to fit into last year’s holiday clothes.

– She is focused on how to keep her uncontrollable emotions in control when normal family holiday stress kicks in.

– She is focused on sleep – she needs it!

– She is focused on trying not to be a bitchface with her loved ones. Continue reading »

Nov 202014

jengaEver notice how board games have a tendency to take our fears and make them fun?

I mean, Clue is like having a brunch with house guests only to find out one is a murderer; Monopoly nullifies small business owners and makes light of debt; Risk essentially simulates a new World War (don’t get me started on Battleship); Operation has us undergo life-threatening surgery; and Candyland is just a recipe for diabetes.

That last one is a joke.

However, recently my family got together for another wholesome game and I had senior care on the mind. We were playing Jenga. The tower was built soundly, but little by little, the tower grew more and more precarious. Eventually, the tower was unable to stand on its own and it collapsed.

I couldn’t help but think of the families we talk to; how they tell us about their elders’ condition. They’re seldom spry and active adults, but lethargic and pained from their suffering. The families admit to watching their elders wane for years beforehand, but they never brought it up because the conversation was too challenging.

Going back to the metaphor, they – as a family – watched as their elder showed more and more signs that they were whittling away, that they needed senior care. Only when the tower crumbles – when the elder actually NEEDS care – do they take action.

The metaphor breaks down because Jenga is a game. Once the tower crumbles, you build it back up and start again. In the case with seniors, it may be too late. Continue reading »

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Nov 192014

Baby Boomers is a term used for the people born between 1946 and 1964. Today most of them have retired. In this article we’re going to discuss safe cleaning routine for baby boomers – what to do and when. Be sure to read along.

Open Those Windows

Don’t keep windows shut. Ventilate the house every day to keep the air fresh. No matter if it is summer or winter, it’s important to let fresh air in the rooms. It makes breathing easier and it’s healthier. Many studies have shown that the quality of indoor air is very poor. Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air due to several factors such as chemical fumes coming from cleaning detergents and other chemically-laden products; dust mites, very common in furniture, mattresses and pillows; mould and mildew forming on various surfaces in the house; pollen; stoves; pets, etc. These pollutants can trigger disease of the lungs and other illnesses. Even though you have retired, you still have so many years ahead of your life, be sure to make them as enjoyable as possible.

Dust the House Once a Week

Don’t forget about dust. At a certain age putting the house in order may be left behind. Don’t let it happen. Make sure you remove dust once every week to keep it from taking over the place. Just go over the surfaces using a cloth or a clean rag sprayed with a cleaning solution. The more often you housekeep, the easier it will be. The secret to keeping your house clean is doing a little cleaning every day.

Tip: Watch out for tall items and units. Don’t climb onto the cabinets because you may fall. Ask someone to help you clean those parts of the house you can’t. Continue reading »

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Nov 182014

Personalized glassware proves to be an excellent gift alternative for special occasions or celebrations, whether it is an anniversary, birthday or a wedding. If you are looking for a gift for your loved one or a special friend on that very special occasion, you would probably look for something unique to make that particular moment most memorable for a very long time. Presenting a personalized gift makes the occasion all the more special.

personalised glassware

The tips mentioned below can help you in getting the perfect glassware gift for a friend or family member.

  • Age factor: The sixteenth, eighteenth and the twenty-first birthdays are considered very special and important in one’s life, because after crossing these age milestones, the individual gets certain freedoms in life. Personalized glassware, shot glasses, and champagne flutes are regarded as the best gift for the birthday boy or girl of that age. You can easily get a wide and unique range of glassware because they are easily available in the market. If you are not able to find any in your nearby area then go online where you will find a large variety of such glassware. Decorated glassware is the perfect birthday toast which can make an excellent gift for any close friend.
  • Wedding Favors: Personalized glassware creates excellent moments for a very special day. It can be used to raise a toast and at the reception by the groom and the bride. Individual glassware or high quality sets can be regarded as very special gifts for the mother of the bride or the bridal party.

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Nov 172014

It is not an uncommon picture when you come across troubles with your kitchen or any household appliances. In modern times, appliances like refrigerators, microwaves, ovens, and stoves have become really essential for human life.  By utilizing the ability of these appliances, we are trying to make our lives easier and more convenient, isn’t that so? There are so many different varieties of these appliances available in the market, and you can choose for the right one to satisfy your requirements and needs. Also, all these products have great “interior decorating” value as well which also leads people to buy these appliances.

But while you are paying so much attention to buying effective and functional appliances for your home, are you also concerned about the maintenance and servicing needs of these products? if you are not then you have come to the right place, because in this article you will find out whom you should visit or hire while having trouble with the appliances, and why you should put your trust on them. Continue reading »

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Nov 172014, you’ve soldiered through the hot flashes and weight gain associated with menopause for months and just when you thought you were on top of things, things on top become your new focus. Menopausal-related hair loss can come as a big surprise…and not necessarily one that’ll leave you smiling.

As you travel through menopause, your hair has a tendency to pack its bags and go away leaving you with a receding hairline, widening part and maybe even some tiny patches on your scalp. Couple this with the multitude of new coarse hair growing on your lip and chin and suddenly you’re seriously wondering how to cope.

Your hair has long been a critical ‘supporting character’ in your life story. That’s why when you first notice shedding on your brush, followed by hair going down the drain, it can be devastating.

Bad Hair Days

Dr. Nicole Rogers, prominent hair transplant surgeon and board-certified dermatologist says this menopausal hair loss can be traced back to the same thing that triggers many menopausal symptoms: fluctuating hormones.

“As estrogen levels drop, normal circulating levels of androgens might be unmasked. This can translate to unwanted facial and chin hairs, as well as hair thinning for some women,” explains Dr. Rogers.

“Female hair appears as a localized thinning the front portion of the scalp, or can occur diffusely over the entire scalp.”

This ‘diffuse generalized hair loss’ is present in 26% of post-menopausal women over the age of 45, according to the British Association of Dermatologists’ study. That includes hair not just on the top of your head, but also near what they term ‘androgen-sensitive sites,’ or the hair ‘down there.’ It thins out, too, even as facial hair gain takes root in most women: 40% attested to that in this particular study. So, in essence, thick hair where you don’t want it and thinning where you want the hair to stay put and grow. Continue reading »

Nov 152014

I love the movie “Home For The Holidays” with Holly Hunter and Robert Downey Jr. I think it captures the sweetness and dysfunction that can go hand-in-hand when you mix grown siblings, carving knives and childhood memories that maybe never were. I really enjoy how in 10 minutes, this movie family can experience everything from empathy to sadness to raucous laughter to misery.

It’s a bumpy weekend, but if you ride it all the way through, the movie ends with a universal truth that touches your heart. (At least it does mine.)

Turkey day is coming, and with it, a cornucopia of relatives, friends and ex-spouses you might not have seen in at least a year. Making safe conversation about something besides the weather can be more than difficult; it can feel like work when it seems you have nothing in common. And while some prefer to find an easy chair and just nod or smile occasionally and feign a trance, most of us want to at least find a way to interact without going down the forbidden paths of religion, politics, the right way to mash potatoes, the real color of someone’s hair, or that disagreement between the states (sometimes referred to as the Civil War).

A tough assignment. But as boomers, we have a rich frame of reference to draw from—so it should be easy, right? We have been to enough holiday meals to understand that sometimes the oven explodes, the dog jumps in the middle of the table and there’s a shouting match before the salad is served. Continue reading »

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Nov 152014

Proper sitting position is the key for healthy spine and muscles. No matter if you are sitting at a driver’s seat in your car, playing piano or drums, or you’re having a difficult day at your office, an ergonomic chair will help you focus on your tasks. The same is true with furnishing your working place. Whether you’re spending too much time in front of a screen or you’re into any static kind of work and you’re tied to the one position, make it easier for yourself by furnishing your office with quality, ergonomic furniture.

Great Office Furniture

What does ‘ergonomic’ mean?

Ergonomics is involved in designing the finest equipment or devices which will fit best to human body. Our cognitive abilities and efficiency of body movements are directly connected with our accommodation during workout. The more you get from your equipment, the better will be the results you show. It’s well known that working with computers can cause pain in your back, joints, neck and shoulders. Sometimes it can become even worse – it may lead to serious injuries or stiffness. All these problems are usually caused by cheap, low-grade equipment and furniture which don’t allow you to sit properly in the first place. Continue reading »

Nov 142014

At some time you might find that there is a need to expand the living space offered by your house. You will have to look for a bigger house to move into but that might take a lot of time and effort. Additionally, you will have to face a number of hassles while doing so. The easier way to increase the living space in your house will be through second story extensions.

Second Story Extensions Melbourne

The Facts about Adding a Second Story

Before you get second story extensions for your house, there are a few questions that you need to answer for yourself. You need to know why you require the extensions and how it is going to benefit your family. Whatever it is, adding a second story can prove to be beneficial in terms of costs and money. It is a better choice than getting a new home which has a lot of headaches. The value of your house can also increase considerably because you will have more rooms added to the house. The hassles of combing through different houses, purchasing and then moving into the selected new house will be removed if you opt for a second story extensions.
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Nov 122014

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. This is the place where food is cooked and often eaten too. In fact, many of the hours that you spend at home can be spent in the kitchen. Apart from a regular job, many people have cooking as a hobby. A dull and drab kitchen makes it difficult to concentrate on the interesting aspects of cooking. A kitchen must therefore not only be clean and hygienic, but also attractive and exciting. Cooking becomes a task to be enjoyed as you feel cozy working in your beautiful kitchen. It would also be a welcome sight for all the guests you so often call over. A dirty and dull kitchen normally puts off people, even from the food you serve, notwithstanding its taste. 

Kitchen Showrooms Melbourne

  • Re-doing

Since a kitchen tends to get dirty with time as compared to the rest of the house, it becomes important to re-do it on and off. Finding exactly the right materials you need to make your kitchen useful and more durable is the first step. Here are a few things you need to look into before planning the renovation.
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About Melissa Hamler

I am Melissa Hamler, an experienced and professional blogger. I love to write blog on various topics, like: automotive,home improvement, business, health etc.

Nov 112014

senior-suffering-strokeWhen a senior suffers from a stroke, there are countless rehabilitative measures that need to be taken; rehabilitation goes well beyond speech- and physical therapy. Many people need to be mentally renewed as well.

For most people (not just seniors), the sudden requirement of a walking aid is demoralizing; even if it’s temporary, their confidence is shot. When elders’ bodies are already struggling to recover, the emotional stress and discouragement can torment them even further and prolong the recovery time.

That’s why, when doctors and physicians recommend rehabilitation (typically in a skilled nursing home – though occasionally at-home), it’s important to heed their prognosis. It’s not simply a physical need, but a cognitive and emotional one as well.

Those who have suffered a stroke need positive encouragement to keep them moving forward. And especially in those cases where the victim needs to make peace with permanent changes. Continue reading »

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Derek Hobson is a writer and educated humorist based in Seattle, WA. If laughter is the best medicine, he fancies himself a pharmacist.

Nov 102014 husband, David, and I have been married 37 years. What’s the secret to the longevity of our relationship? I’m no expert, but I know I have never stopped dating David! We are still in love and enjoy being with each other.

Naomi Gauthier Berry, however, is an expert. This past summer I chatted with Berry, a dear friend who’s an individual and couples counselor, to get some tips on how to maintain the spark in your relationship.

No matter what stage of life you’re in (including perimenopause and menopause!), what type of relationship you’re in or how long you’ve been with your partner, your relationship is certain to have its ups and downs.

Show gratitude

So how do you balance the teeter-totter of your relationship? One way is to be grateful for each other. A study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that couples enjoy higher relationship satisfaction when they feel thankful for their partners. Some claim that this simple practice of gratitude helps remind couples what it is that they love about their partner. I asked Berry to share her perspective on this and other issues regarding relationships.

“Developing an attitude of gratitude is one of the most effective ways to cultivate and maintain a healthy relationship,” she said. “For most couples, this is easy to do in the beginning stages of a relationship. All relationships progress through stages. For the first six months and up to two years, couples are in the infatuation stage.”

During this stage, Berry said that hormones are surging (oh joy!). She added that couples tend to idealize their partners, focusing on their partner’s good qualities.

Friendship is important

Drs. John and Julie Gottman have done extensive research on what makes marriages thrive. The relationship experts found that the most significant factor that determines whether couples stay together is the quality of the couple’s friendship. Continue reading »

Nov 052014

Let’s talk passwords. How many do you have?

They’re supposed to be very private, stored in our brain’s deepest file cabinet, safe from Snidely Whiplash and his identity stealing gang. But here’s the problem: we can’t have just one. We must have lots. And lots. And we’re supposed to change them every few months, so we stay ahead of the evil forces.

And we’re not, as I’ve had to do, supposed to actually write them down. That defeats the purpose. But I have to wonder what good does it do to have something so secret you don’t know what it is?

I have four pages of passwords, and I won’t tell you where those four pages are, but I know. (I tried using a “mental” file cabinet, but the drawers don’t close all the way and the lock is rusted.) So I can’t store anything in my mind anymore except the name of my dog’s vet and which crafts fair had the best cookies last year.

Don’t get me wrong, I heartily recommend being smart about your identity. I’ve been through the whole “guess who stole your account number” journey and it is a true nightmare that can last for years. It just shouldn’t be so much work to keep sticky fingers at a distance. Continue reading »

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Laura is a long-time professional writer and creator of, a blog for boomers all about starting over, recharging, and celebrating the wisdom that comes with the wrinkles. She's proud of hers!

Nov 052014

In many schools around Australia, smart whiteboards have been installed in every classroom. While they have quickly become an indispensable resource for many teachers, those who are charged with teaching music are often stumped on how these boards can benefit their lessons. In this article, we have compiled 10 ways that these whiteboards can be used in music-based classrooms.

  1. An ‘enhanced’ traditional whiteboard
    There is nothing stopping you from using the board the same as you would for any other class – you can write words and see them converted to text, you can draw music symbols and drag them freely around, and you can make use of the blank manuscript that is (usually) supplied.
  2. Digital Kodaly song shapes
    You could use the whiteboard to create digital versions of the Kodaly song shapes that are often used in early music literacy classes. These shapes can even be stored in a (drawn) box or basket until they are needed; the students can drag them into place in the song.
  3. Interactive music history
    If your class is required to learn music history, you could install Google Earth on the school network. This will allow you to digitally tour the birthplaces of famous composers in 3D, which is beneficial for the visual learners in your class.
  4. Interactive websites
    While any website will become interactive when viewed on a smart board, there are some musical education websites that will really come alive, such as the Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra interactive game and Tone Matrix (a good introduction to improvisation).
  5. Model note/music symbol writing
    Some smart whiteboards allow you to record yourself drawing on the board using a built-in screen capture tool. You can create a short movie showing how to draw notes or clefs, then step away from the board so that your students have an unobstructed view.
  6. Modern day soundscapes
    A smart whiteboard can provide a new or alternative approach to creating soundscapes. Choose a topic and brainstorm, with your class, ideas of the sorts of things you would see and hear. The board’s recording capabilities can also come in handy here.
  7. Notation programs for literacy and performance
    If you have a notation program (such as Sibelius or MuseScore), it can actually be imported into the whiteboard for use in group exercises (in reading and writing music) or for class ensemble performances. The program could become your own personal accompanist.
  8. Repeat use multimedia units
    Some teachers find these whiteboards extremely beneficial in creating an interactive unit of work that is used for multiple classes and even for subsequent years. Everything that is needed for that particular unit can be saved in the file, ensuring it is easily accessible.
  9. Specially designed music software
    There is also some music software that has been specially designed with these whiteboards in mind. This software includes: The Music Interactive (free music games), Groovy Music Suite (for primary aged students), and Jelly Beans #3 (an interactive class ensemble performance program).
  10. Teaching form
    Find some images to represent the different sections of a song. Students can then listen to the song, decide on the form and place the pictures in the correct order. They could also experiment by changing the order of the images to rearrange the song.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to utilize smart whiteboards in the music classroom – and we haven’t even covered them all! While some of the above methods will be more suited to certain age groups (such as primary or secondary age students), we are sure that you will discover plenty of ways that these whiteboards can enhance your classroom.

Nov 042014

It is a time of great joy when your baby arrives! But along with celebrations you are also entrusted with new responsibilities. For example, you would have to buy a whole new range of things that you never had to purchase before! If you are feeling confused, you might want to visit a baby shop selling a complete range of baby products. That is the right point to start!

What can you expect at a baby shop?

Baby shops melbourne

As evident from the name, baby shops are outlets that sell products meant for babies. They mostly have a wide range of products suitable to newborns as well as toddlers. Most of the products at these baby shops are moderately priced and therefore fit your budget. The different products that you can buy here include the following:

  • Baby clothing: A baby shop is the perfect place where new parents can buy the right items of clothing for their newborn. The clothing that is offered here is unique and generally different from the ones which you will see in the general or local shops.
  • Baby furniture: Baby shops also keep and sell baby furniture for newborn babies, thus helping parents immensely. The shops have furniture which is designed in accordance with the safety guidelines, so your baby will not face any issues in the future.
  • Toys for babies: These shops store a huge array of toys meant for babies of different ages, so they are perfect destinations for new parents. There are several toys that your child can grow with and learn from in a safe atmosphere.
  • Books related to baby care: Many baby shops also store books with guidelines of taking proper care of your baby. These books contain essential information concerning child nurturing and also about the basic requirements of the baby during the initial stage of developing.

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Nov 032014’s a mathematical fact: Your level of stress is inversely proportional to the proximity of the holidays. As the days between now and the holidays decrease, your stress level is certain to increase. It doesn’t matter whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another holiday.

Stress is stress.

We’re deciding what to cook/which cookies to bake and how much/many, whom to invite (or not), when to hold the event, whether invitations are necessary, how to decorate, what to wear, where out-of-town family members will sleep, who’s at the children’s table, etc., etc.


One thing that we don’t plan for, is the stress that surrounds holiday time. Unfortunately, women are more susceptible to holiday stress than their male counterparts. During this time of year there’s also often more stress at work, which is compounded with the seasonal rush to find the time to get everything done.

Add to the holiday hubbub all the haywire hormones of perimenopause or menopause, and you’ll need to call in the troops. Here’s some ammunition you can add to your pre-holiday arsenal:


Don’t overspend. I say “Bah, humbug!” to the commercialism of the season. You shouldn’t feel pressured to spend a lot of money. When it comes to gift giving, start saving early. Set a budget. Find non-monetary gifts to give to the special people in your life (a weekend of babysitting for a relative, for example). The gift of your time is the best gift

Go easy on yourself. Divide your projects into smaller tasks. For instance, don’t try to decorate the entire house in one day. Start with the tree, or your mantle. You won’t be so overwhelmed if you break up the tasks. Continue reading »

Oct 312014

Below, please find a first person narrative by Patty Gajewski, 77.

I’ve lived with my family in Schenectady, NY (outside of Albany) for more than 50 years and I love my home because it’s within walking distance of my grocery store, bank and church. But ten years ago, my vision was severely impacted because of age-related macular degeneration.

Patty Gajewski post workoutMy children had to help me so much because I just couldn’t see. For example, they had to drive me to the doctor and on errands. I needed help shopping because I couldn’t read labels. After a while, it was very depressing. I started to avoid social situations,like at family parties and church events, because I was embarrassed that I couldn’t recognize faces any longer. I felt terrible about this. I sat and cried every now and then.

But then my doctor told me about a treatment I wasn’t yet aware of called the telescope implant. The device is very small (the size of a pea), and it is implanted in one eye to restore vision. My doctor explained that it works like a real telescope in that it magnifies images, which reduces the blind spot that blocked my straight-ahead vision. The other eye does not get an implant because you need to keep some peripheral vision to help with orientation and balance. This sounded like science fiction and I was nervous about trying it. But I wanted to see if it could help me and decided to take a chance on the procedure. Continue reading »

Oct 282014

Maybe you’ve thought of moving across country (I did), starting a business, joining a kazoo band or shaving your head. Whatever your dream, you’re dreaming it for a reason, and now’s a perfect time to take action. I moved across the country, started over with new digs, some new friends, a bossy GPS and all new passwords to learn. Nervous. Unsure. Excited. Warned by many I was not going to make it if I tried to start over.

But I did…because when I entered my 50s, I decided it was time to answer the inner nag—the one who kept pulling on my skirt telling me to go beyond my comfort zone into a land of lower humidity.

So, let me ask you. You’re in your 50s, 60s, or beyond. It feels like you got here really fast. Just as you’re getting the hang of things, you wake up and feel a bit out of step with what’s going on in the world…even though many times, that’s a good thing.

But the real question isn’t whether you understand the latest apps on your new phone. The real question is this:

Are you enjoying being a boomer? Continue reading »

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Laura is a long-time professional writer and creator of, a blog for boomers all about starting over, recharging, and celebrating the wisdom that comes with the wrinkles. She's proud of hers!

Oct 272014

VitaminsMany people today – not just seniors – are eating multivitamins when they should be eating healthy food. What’s tragic however, is that multivitamins are much more than placebos as too much can be hazardous to your health. In fact, the only supplements that experts in the field (MayoClinic and Johns Hopkins researchers) recommend is Vitamin Balthough, Vitamin D supplements aren’t bad given certain circumstances. All the other vitamins should be consumed through quality food, rather than continuing to support a $28 billion a year industry.

Multivitamin Usage

Back in 2011 the CDC composed the findings of a survey into a data report. In said survey, they monitored multivitamin use from 1988 to 2006 – skipping four years from 1995-1998. From 1988 – 1994, the average number of Americans who took multivitamins was just over 40%, but by 2006, over half of Americans used vitamin supplements.

The reason people take vitamins is because they believe it will make them healthy or rather, healthier. The facts however, illustrate that nutrition supplements have no impact on average Americans’ health. While some health benefits have occurred for those in developing countries, who are significantly malnourished, there is no proven benefit for average Americans. And, as stated, too much can be dangerous; specifically, Vitamin E can increase the risk of some cancers, not prevent them! Continue reading »

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Derek Hobson is a writer and educated humorist based in Seattle, WA. If laughter is the best medicine, he fancies himself a pharmacist.

Oct 272014 Halloween time, you might be afraid you’ll eat all the Halloween candy before you hear your doorbell ring and that first chorus of “Trick or treat!” For many menopausal women, that’s the least of their fears! You and your family may be afraid that your menopausal symptoms are the sign of something more serious… or that they’re here to stay for good. Talk about scary!

The good news is that neither is true. In most cases, your menopausal symptoms are simply the side effects that come with the change of life. And, while they may seem never-ending, there is a way out of “The Little Hormones of Horrors.”

Take a look at the symptoms I’ve listed in my Menopause Symptoms Chart, and see how you can demystify them to give yourself a little less trick and a little more treat.

The menses monster

If you’re one of those women whose period was so regular you could set your clock to it, fuhgeddaboutit. And if your cramps were a mere blip, you could be in store for some bleepin’ cramps.

In perimenopause, you’re likely to experience anything from spotting to lighter or heavier periods. You may even have some breakthrough bleeding (between cycles, whatever that may be). While a range of flow is normal, report any extremely unusual bleeding to (think “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) your menopause specialist.

You may have Freddy Krueger-style cramps, or no discomfort whatsoever. Just as women’s periods differ greatly before menopause, their menses symptoms will differ greatly during perimenopause and menopause.

And, of course, you’ll miss (as in skip) periods. The time between periods will become greater and greater until you’ve been without a period for a year, signaling their end. Continue reading »

Oct 232014

Today, we have to think about the future of our planet more than we ever had to before. Despite the fact that there are many enthusiastic people who think about the future and are responsible about it, there are many who are still ignorant. Or, simply, they choose not to act at all, which is even worse considering the fact that they could change something if they really wanted to.

The car industry is one of the biggest culprits for the current situation. From the very beginnings, cars function in a way which has had a direct effect on our planet’s health. Not only does burning gasoline releases CO2, but it’s also about biodegradability of the materials the cars are being made of. Steel, plastic or rubber isn’t “green” at all. Hopefully, many companies began to think and act ‘green’, and there are more eco-friendly options from day to day.

Next to the hybrid vehicles which use electricity along with gas, there are eco-friendly (lab-devised) tires available as well. For now, they are still prototypes but soon you will finally be able to choose a “green” option and help your planet as much as you can. Almost all tyres on the market are made of petroleum and rubber (trees). The idea is to add proteins into the mixture as well, for better results. Continue reading »

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Oct 222014

Guest Author: Dr. Joseph Christiano

Living Beyond Your Chronic Pain

Pain! What is it good for – absolutely nothing! That is a take from the song back in 70’s – War! What is it good for – absolutely nothing!

The irony is, chronic pain is actually a battle that hundreds of millions of people face today.

To be accurate, pain has a lot of worth. Pain is our body’s natural alarm system or mechanism that says something is wrong, damaged or broken and needs repair. When we twist an ankle or break an arm, the condition sends to our brain a very intense signal – pain! It can cause one to wince, bite their lip and even shed some tears. This type of pain is referred to as acute pain.

Acute pain can be a forerunner to chronic pain in many instances. Acute pain needs to be tended to immediately. Generally speaking the first line of defense is to reduce inflammation. Once the inflammation is reduced, the pain signal to the brain starts to lessen and in a very short period of time, no pain is felt. But, what about pain that lingers for more than a few weeks, or even a few months? This is referred to as chronic pain.

Chronic pain can make someone a prisoner of the war they’ve been in battle with for years. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain can become a consistent part of one’s entire life. Because I have personally struggled with chronic pain for most of my life, I know firsthand what it feels like to break free from pain.

When I try to explain what chronic pain feels like to others who have no pain, it’s hard for them to relate. So, I often use the analogy of someone pinching your skin with their fingers or worse using a pair of vice grip pliers and never easing up. Chronic pain is constant, unrelenting and debilitating.

So how can one expect to thrive when suffering with chronic pain? Continue reading »

Oct 212014

Do you have a swimming pool or spa somewhere on your property? If so, it is essential that you have the right sort of fencing in place. This will not only prevent children and pets from accessing the area without supervision, it will ensure that your home complies with the law and that you avoid a fine. Each state has different laws, so we have focused on pool fencing laws for Victoria.

Unfortunately, drowning is the most common cause of preventable death in Victoria for children under the age of five. The presence of pool fencing reduces the risk of drowning to about a quarter of the risk of drowning in an unfenced swimming area. While fencing certainly is effective, parents and other adults should always supervise young children in the area.

When is fencing required?

As of the 1st of May 2010, all new swimming pools must have glass pool fencing that extends around all four sides. Homeowners who are installing a pool or spa are required to do the following: Continue reading »

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