Several Tips for Keeping Garden Rodents at Bay

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Aug 282015

If you got tired of the mess different types of rodents continually make in your garden, it is high time you did something about it with something that will surely do the trick, unlike all those things you have tried out so many times before and that only did half of the work at best. Here are several tips on how to keep those garden menaces at bay in the most successful manner. Continue reading »

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Aug 252015

There are many ways in which you can make yourself look younger and fresher. As we get older our skin gets dryer and wrinkles start to form. Professional skin care is something that every woman should do in order to nurture her skin. Although these treatments can get costly, it is perfectly acceptable to save up some money and treat yourself once in a while. Here are some of the most popular facial treatments that you will definitely not regret.

Phyto Facial Peel

These procedures include a variety of different treatments according to your skin type and to what is it actually that your skin needs. They include removing the non-viable epidermal layer of the skin in order to reveal a new skin surface. This is mostly done if your skin has suffered some sun damage or if you have problems with inflammation or redness on your skin. It is also used for dealing with acne problems as it reduces the oil flow from the skin.


Galvanic Skin Infusion

If you are searching for a treatment that will leave your skin radiant and glowing you are at the right place. This treatment removes oils and greases from your skin, helps in balancing the PH levels and also opens the pores for their cleansing. It is very safe and non-invasive so you won’t even feel it. Every facial rejuvenation clinic works hard to provide their clients with the best treatments and to not use procedures that will make their clients feel bad or uncomfortable during the process. It is all about comfort and satisfied customers.

facelift-facial Continue reading »


Aug 242015

What constitutes a Baby Boomer? Anyone might have their own definition, but generally Baby Boomers are thought to be people born between the years 1946 and 1963.

Baby Boomers are the people who lived through the Cold War, who remember the day JFK was assassinated, who heard the Beatles and Elvis on the radio – extraordinary times for an extraordinary generation of people.


Now, many Boomers are growing older and facing both the joys and difficulties of age – but things aren’t the same now as they always were.

Phones are attached to everyone’s hand; gasoline sure isn’t less than a dollar per gallon; and for Baby Boomers, maybe going for a run or bike ride isn’t as easy now as it was at 20 years old.

Having the freedom to be mobile and to exercise is a gift that not every Baby Boomer (or every person of any generation) has.

At American Eagle Cycles, our purpose is to provide that freedom to individuals who cannot easily be mobile. And now, we truly want to hear about issues with freedom or mobility from you.

Do you wish you could ride along with your granddaughter as she learns to ride her first bike? Maybe you want to stay social and go cycling with a group of friends who still bike together every Sunday morning. Or maybe you just miss getting out and getting your exercise comfortably, without having to worry about injury.

WE WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! If you are a Baby Boomer, or even if you know and love a Baby Boomer, we want you to jump in on the discussion! Any stories, thoughts, or feelings you may have on the topic, we want to hear.

Please comment below with any thoughts you may have about freedom and mobility! We would love to speak with the very individuals that inspired our cycle to discuss your wants and needs. If you would like to give a more detailed account or give personal feedback PLEASE EMAIL ME AT

That’s what we were thinking…Now let us know what you’re thinking.

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Menopause Life’s Cycle and Loss

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Aug 242015

Menopause Life’s Cycle and LossOn July 6th, I received that dreaded phone call.  My beloved Mom passed away in Tucson, Arizona.

Mom started having trouble breathing earlier in the day, and then at approximately 2 in the afternoon, just stopped breathing as she sat in her TV chair.  She had what one would call a blessed passing.  She did not suffer, it was peaceful.

Although she was 95 years young, I was not ready.

As it was with menopause and that stage of life’s journey, no one really prepared me for death and dying.  Frankly those words were not spoken in our household.  My parents had lost their first born, my brother Gary, at the tender age of 4.  He choked to death on a piece of bread.  Tragically, no one knew the Heimlich maneuver in those days. As a parent, frankly, I do not know how they survived that horrific day. My sister was 2.  I was born approx. 9 months later. Then 8 years later my brother was born.

There was a beautifully framed picture of a little boy on my Mom’s dresser. It never moved and no words were ever spoken of it. I knew it was something very fragile – never to be touched. It took me years before I got the courage to ask my maternal Grandma who was that boy in the picture.  It was Gary.

In my teens, I first experienced loss when my maternal Grandpa died.  I was scared at the funeral, and had no idea what to expect.  I accidentally looked at the open coffin.  That’s something I will never do again.  It took me years to erase the picture of dead Grandpa from my memories.

I adored my father, but sadly he battled terrible heart disease and he passed away at the young age of 58. My Mom’s love for him was unmatched, beautiful and beyond most couples’ wildest expectations. David and I had just had our daughter, Sarah.  She was 3 months old, and was born on my parent’s last anniversary together.  I was 27, devastated, and not prepared to lose my father.

My husband was loving, patient and a rock for me during those dark days.  However, I think having my new little baby girl to take care of is what got me out of bed in the morning. Holding her, that baby smell, her giggles, and need for love and mothering surrounded me with the joys of life. Some days I would nurse her with tears running down my face, but her little face, tiny fingers, and helplessness would bring me back to life again.

When our son was born two years later, I named him Jack after my beloved father.  A few months later, my Grandma passed away. My Grandma was my confident and definitely my biggest fan. Having my new beautiful son in my arms and a two year old toddler running around the house got me through the grief of losing my sweet Grandma.

My beloved Mother lived a sharing, caring and charitable life with effortless grace and tremendous modesty.  Although she was petite, refined, and delicate – she was strong and wise. She adored her parents and her brother, Jack, who is 90 and lives in Flint, Michigan. Mom’s entire being was devoted to her family. Every breath she took was dedicated to all of us.

Sarah is the mother of our first grandchild, Aviva. In March of this year, on Mom’s 95th birthday, she was able to meet Sarah and Sol’s new bundle, Aviva. Aviva just sat on the arm of Mom’s chair with her little hand on Mom’s shoulder – they were both completely smitten with each other.

At her burial, as I watched my Mother’s grave be covered in dirt, I started having trouble breathing. My son-in-law, Sol, gave me Aviva to hold and immediately I calmed down.  It was as if he gave me a tranquilizer.  As Aviva squirmed in my arms all giggles and smiles, I was once again comforted by the circle of life…a baby – a new life – love, hope, and joy. I feel blessed to have Sol as a member of our family.

Lucky for me, in June I read the fabulous free eBook, Love on the Other Side by Arielle Ford. This is a must read! Thanks to this beautiful book, I know that my Mom and Dad are in each other’s arms again. This brings me great comfort.

Towards the end of my Mom’s life our daily phone calls were brief – her short term memory was gone, but she was still aware and alert…. I always ended with, “I love you, Mommy.” She replied, “I love you too, Ellen Gail.”

I had no idea July 5th would be the last time I would hear her voice. I am going to miss our daily phone calls so much. I know that in time, I will stop reaching for the phone to call her.  I will forever look at the world partly through her eyes and hear her words of wisdom and guidance.

My husband is circling me with love and encouragement to grieve …to just be.  I am so fortunate I can speak openly and honestly with my children, Sarah (35 years old) and Jack (33 years old), about life and death as I cherish their love, support, and wise words of wisdom.

This is hard for me….I am not used to feeling so sad, so numb, so detached.

My favorite scholar, Pooh Bear once said, “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

Yes, Pooh’s right.  This is very hard.

However, once again I am reminded about the circle of life.  Sarah, Sol and Aviva moved back to San Diego mid July. Lucky me! On August 8th Aviva was 1.

It seems so fitting that when the grief comes and the tears flow, it is my sweet little granddaughter, Aviva who helps me feel joy, giggles, and happiness again. She reaches out her hands for me to hold her, but in truth it is she who is holding me as life circles on………….


Aug 242015

Guest Author: Food Head

In everyday life, everyone is busy and focused on their respective fields of work. Everyone tries to keep up the pace with the world around them. In this endless race, we often look for those lazy and relaxing moments where we can be one with ourselves, free from all activities to rejuvenate ourselves for upcoming tasks.

This break from work is necessary for our brains to function efficiently and accurately in all situations. That is why it is very important that you switch on and off from your daily work schedule. If you can, take a power nap to energize yourself. With increased concentration and focusing powers, you will surely perform better.

As of now, according to scientists, we use only 5% of our brains. That means there is lot more to explore. We at THEFOODHEAD strive our best to provide you with quality food along with online drinks to refresh your body, mind, and soul. We have a large collection of soft drinks and hard drinks at our store with the ability to order online.


Your eating and drinking habits help to shape your life. The food and drinks that you intake affect your thinking and overall personality. Now you can find different flavors of drinks by visiting our website address Here you will find the drinks that you love at affordable and cheaper prices compared to market rates.

THEFOODHEAD leads in the manufacture of quality at customer-friendly flavors and prices. Our company is committed to 100% satisfaction in our drink products by our consumers no matter where they are.  Our online drinks can be ordered by the people from near and far locations. Our fast delivery service enhances your online shopping experience.

The online drink products we supply include Jack Daniel’s Fudge whiskey, Top Hat Espresso Cup, quality beer brands, Duff Energy Drink, champagne, wines, & spirits along with major soft drink brands.

Alcohol relaxes your brain and boosts you blood pressure to temporarily relieve you from stresses and tensions, but as they say, anything in excess  is bad, therefore enjoying the stimulants and intoxicants with a limit is preferable.  Otherwise, they could cause serious health issues. The organ in the human body that is most affected is the liver,, and this sometimes can lead to cancer as well.

Two Amazing Tricks to Save Water While Cleaning Your Car

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Aug 222015

Whether you are driving your brand new car or an old clunker, you will always need to clean & maintain your car. Dust, dirt, and harmful rays of sunlight are always going to steal its charm. Obviously, nobody wants to lose that shine and beauty of their vehicle, but it will fade away with passing time and constant usage. It is essential to clean & wash a vehicle for maintaining its beauty. But for many people it seems to be a task. For them, washing the car themselves means wasting their efforts and time. This leads to the beginning of mobile car wash services that have come forth as a great help for these people.

With mobile car wash Melbourne services, it is easy to save a few bucks along with your valuable time. These people come to your place to protect your car against dust, dirt, scratches, fading color, rust, and even harmful rays of the sun. Mobile car wash services in Melbourne is quite famous for their quality products for cleaning vehicles. They offer services using high quality shampoos and premium wool mitts. If you are living in Melbourne, then you can surely avail the best of their services.

mobile car wash

Talking about mobile car wash services, they allow you to rest and relax while your car is getting cleaned and washed. They  know very well how to clean your vehicle without wasting gallons of water. With experience and certain tricks, they manage to save water, but what about people who like to wash their cars on their own? How can they stop wasting water? Continue reading »

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The Journey Of Sperm

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Aug 212015

Another cool info-graphic sent to me:

The Journey of the Winning Sperm

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination!

Aug 212015

It is hard to imagine that cars have been around for 130 years now. However, the first automobile, the Benz Patent Motor Car, can barely be regarded as a car, when compared to the modern beasts of today. Constantly going through improvements, road vehicles are a changing trend, designed with a passion & utility combination that gives vehicles a mechanical soul of sorts. As mentioned, advancements are made frequently, so we’ve gathered a couple of interesting ones, for your convenience.

Car Gadgetry Advancements – The Future is Just around the Corner by

Rear-mounted radar

If you’re driving a pre-owned, banged up Golf 3, the only thing you need to worry about when backing up is not hitting that priceless neighbor’s Bentley. But if you are that lucky neighbor, you want your car without a single scratch. Thus, we have the rear-mounted radar. Sounding an alarm when you’re dangerously close to hitting whatever obstacle is behind, this device has made parking and a mere breeze. Having been around for a few years now, the technology has undergone a great deal of improvement and therefore, it’s safe to say that it has reached a level of perfection.

For Parents

The new MyKey speed and volume limiting system coming from Ford is a fantastic form of parental control. Limiting the speed to 80 miles per hour, it comes with a volume limiting feature, which prevents your kid from getting carried away and blasting those woofers.

The Internet

A mere couple of years ago, in-car Internet was a thing of futuristic movies. Nowadays, although pure Wi-Fi access is yet to be developed, Autonet Mobile has been able to turn a car into a wireless hotspot. By installing a portable router in the trunk, users are provided with a 3G network, with an uninterrupted signal. Now, you can easily browse the web while tagging along as a passenger, play YouTube or Deezer music and so forth. Continue reading »

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Aug 202015

Everyone seems to be confused about the benefits and risks of calcium supplementation for menopausal women. So let’s straighten this out once and for all.

Understanding Calcium Supplements 

Calcium provides important bone health protection for women over the age of 50. The current recommendation for calcium intake is 1200mg/day. The research clearly shows that this amount of calcium will significantly reduce bone loss and osteoporotic fracture. Since osteoporosis is a major health issue for women after menopause, it makes sense to do everything possible to prevent it. So why is there controversy?

The confusion arises, because many women have been taught to take their total calcium requirement in the form of a supplement. It turns out that this has potential harmful effects on the kidney and heart. With this level of supplementation, women are at higher risk for kidney stones and higher blood calcium levels. Higher blood calcium levels can cause more calcium deposits in the coronary arteries and lead to an increased risk for heart disease.

So pay close attention, because here comes the latest and safest recommendation for midlife women. While we still need to get 1200 mg/day of calcium to maintain bone health and prevent fracture, we are all being encouraged to eat calcium-rich foods and supplement as needed. I recommend my patients Google “calcium-rich foods” to find the ones they prefer. I love Chobani Coconut Yogurt, which has 300mg of calcium. I also enjoy cheese but that is higher in calories. You might favor broccoli or kale if you are not able to tolerate dairy foods due to lactose intolerance. The take home message is to eat at least 500mg of calcium-rich foods every day.

I can tell you from experience that it is practically impossible to eat 1200 mg of dietary calcium every single day. So that is where calcium supplementation comes in. The current recommendation is to take just one 500 mg calcium tablet daily. I like Citrical Petite, because the tablets are small and easy to swallow. Continue reading »

About Dr. Tara Allmen

Dr. Tara Allmen is one of America’s leading experts in menopausal medicine. She is a Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner and highly respected in the medical community. Inspired to reach millions of American women over the age of 40 with accurate scientific information that can help them, Dr. Allmen has appeared numerous times on local and national television, created an extensive library of video information available on this website, and the DVD “Menopause in an Hour.” A graduate of New York’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School, Dr. Allmen earned her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and her medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, she completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Allmen started her professional career in a private obstetrical practice but ultimately decided to follow her passion for menopausal medicine. She joined Columbia Presbyterian’s Center for Menopause, Hormonal Disorders and Women’s Health in 1999, focusing her practice on perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Allmen has educated thousands of medical professionals around the country on menopausal medicine. She has also been featured on television, both in the United States and internationally. Dr Allmen is also the founder and director of The Allmen Foundation, a non-profit organization that primarily supports organizations working in the areas of women’s health, childhood education and animal welfare. The North American Menopause Society, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to menopausal women’s health, refers to Dr. Allmen as a “Visionary” contributor. Having identified the frustrations of many women regarding getting objective, scientifically-based advice on menopause or access to professionals who specialize in menopausal medicine, Dr. Allmen created Menopause in an Hour. Dr. Allmen lives in New York City with her husband, Lawrence M. Kimmel, their two children, and a small dog named Sadie. Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist National Certified Menopause Practitioner Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr. Oz Show Medical Advisory Board CEO, The Allmen Foundation Wife, Mother and Friend

Healthy Aging For Women

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Aug 192015

Here is another great info graphic sent to me:

UF Online Infographic: Health Aging for Women
UF Online B.S. in Health Education

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination!

Aug 192015

A person’s life has lots of different occasions. It starts with a birth ceremony, followed by naming, graduation, engagement, marriage, the birth of a baby, and this finally ends with the death ceremony. Death is inevitable. The death ceremony, also called a funeral, is a very important ritual that is followed in cultures across the globe. Funerals pay the final respect to the person. It is an emotional ritual for the family and friends of the deceased person.  Times have changed, the world has evolved from what it was, but the funeral ritual is the same and has been followed everywhere to mark the demise of loved ones.


Importance of The Funeral Ceremony

  • Respect for the deceased person – Funeral ritual is considered an act of final respect to the person, for all his/her successful life the world and an act of religious faith.
  • A place to mourn – Funeral is the place to mourn for the dead. All the family members and friends of the deceased need space to mourn the death of the deceased. The funeral ceremony is attended by all people who know the deceased person, so it acts as a collective group of people to mourn and embrace life and death.
  • Moving on with the life – The funeral ceremony helps relatives and friends to accept the reality of death and move on with their lives.
  • Understanding life and death – Funeral ceremonies are often a place for understanding the essence of life and death. It enlightens people to search for the true purpose of one’s life.

Continue reading »

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Menopause Infographic – Loss of Libido

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Aug 172015

Weight GainDo you find yourself suddenly needing to mop the kitchen floor or organize the recycling when your spouse suggests it’s time for bed, hoping he or she will have fallen asleep before you get there? Do you find yourself wondering whatever happened to that wildcat who couldn’t wait to get her partner alone? And more importantly, do you find lack of intimacy time is creating an emotional chasm with your partner? Thanks to the changing levels of hormones women experience during menopause, your libido may be taking a nosedive.

You may have noticed the countless television and print ads for pills and creams and power drinks that support a man’s virility—there’s that “little blue pill” and that couple who inexplicably watch a sunset in separate bathtubs (last time I checked, you need to be in the same tub if you want to get busy).

So where’s the help for women? Research shows that sexual dysfunction occurs in about 30% to 50% of women (and that’s just those who report it). Common complaints include low sexual desire, difficulty attaining or maintaining sexual arousal, and inability to achieve an orgasm.

Are we meant to resign ourselves to live out the second half of our lives as though we’re holed up in a convent? No! Just because you’ve reached a certain age, it doesn’t mean you no longer have a need for good sex in your life. In fact, some people find mid-life sex far better than the sex they had when they were young. “As we age, most of us become more aware of what we need in the bedroom and how to get there. We feel more deserving of sexual pleasure and are more willing to ask for what we want from our partners,” says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center. “In our 50s we are more likely to focus on our pleasure than in our 20s, when we tend to focus almost exclusively on his experience.”

Women have the right to toe-curling, earth shattering orgasms, just like men. But due to this double standard, having a fulfilling sex life after menopause may not be a reality for all women.

However, all is not lost. Read on.

If your sex drive seems to be firmly stuck in park—or worse, reverse—and you’re worried that it may never come back, there are several things to consider.  Is low estrogen to blame or could something else be going on? Dr. Hutcherson suggests for many women it’s just boredom, although “Medical problems and medications certainly can wreak havoc on desire.” Whatever you do, don’t fake it! “Faking orgasms will guarantee that your sex life with your partner never improves,” she says.

There is some good news for women!  For women who experience what the experts call hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD),  we finally have a “pink pill”. Addyi (pronounced add-ee), known generically as Flibanserin, is the first ever FDA-approved treatment for women’s most common form of sexual dysfunction made by Sprout Pharmaceuticals. It is a once-daily, non-hormonal pill.

Dr. Michael Krychman, Executive Director of the Southern California Center for Sexual Health and Survivorship Medicine in Newport Beach, California, explains, “While estrogen is critical, it is my belief that there is interplay between lowered estrogen and lowered testosterone levels in women as they age.”

Here is a testosterone 101, courtesy of Dr. Krychman:

Testosterone is part of our hormonal makeup. Testosterone is a steroid hormone primarily found in men, but smaller amounts are also produced in women’s body: one specific place is the ovaries. Testosterone is necessary for muscle tone,  a healthy libido, and strong bones. Women begin experiencing low “T” during their menopausal journey, which may begin a decade earlier than when menstrual periods stop.

Testosterone isn’t just for guys. Women with low testosterone levels can experience depression, fatigue, weight gain, bone and muscle loss, and cognitive dysfunction. Then there is the whole “loss of  libido” issue, which can be dramatically decreased. As for orgasms, if we have them, they can be more “ho-hum” than “woo hoo!” if your “T” level is down, according to a report from the North American Menopause Society.

There are many benefits of testosterone supplementation. Supplementing with testosterone can benefit your heart, mood, energy, and bone and muscle health.  Additionally, testosterone can sustain skin elasticity and tone, encourage heart health, boost libido, help prevent osteoporosis risks, decrease body fat and increase muscle strength.

Here are some tips to help you find that lost libido:

Schedule a visit with your menopause specialist to rule out any other medical problem. Underactive or overactive thyroid, for example, can also affect your energy level, libido and general physical health or well being.

Talk to your specialist about testosterone testing. Total testosterone and  “free” testosterone are typically measured and calculated.  Free testosterone, measures your levels of bioavailable testosterone that is not bound by the blood proteins. It is the active portion. Ranges vary between post-menopausal and premenopausal women, with a gradual decline as we age, says Dr. Krychman. However, he adds, “I advise treating symptoms, not lab values. A comprehensive assessment with a good differential is the rule. Testosterone supplementation is not the panacea.  It is important to remember that this there is also approximately 40% placebo effect.”

Discuss the various treatment options with your menopause specialist. If your testosterone levels are below norm and you have the symptoms, your health care professional may suggest an “off-label use” of testosterone, with or without estrogen. Why “off-label? Because the FDA has yet to approve any testosterone drug for women. According to WebMD, when you take it orally (by mouth) and it gets processed by the liver—which can result in a change of cholesterol levels. But that same effect doesn’t occur when testosterone is administered by skin patch, gel or cream (a.k.a. transdermal) or in pellet form (the size of a grain of rice) inserted under the skin. “What form to use depends on many facets including patient tolerability, patient price, side effects and clinician preference,” says Dr. Krychman.

Weigh the risks vs. benefits with your menopause specialist. Dr. Krychman has a frank and candid conversation with his patients about the benefit versus the risk – safety and efficacy are always balanced, he states. He further recommends that before starting therapy you are aware of the benefits and risks and that once you start therapy, you need to have regular blood work to keep track of your levels. It is important to monitor your blood count and lipid panel, coupled with testosterone levels.
For some women, the sex drive is fine, but the ability to cross the finish line is a problem. If you’re having trouble achieving orgasm, or your orgasms aren’t as powerful as they once where, there are several ways you can strengthen your Big O.

  • Strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles with Intensity, an intimate health and stimulation device that improves a woman’s sexual experience by exercising the pelvic floor muscles and providing targeted stimulation to specific areas of the anatomy. Intensity is scientifically designed to restore intimacy and pleasure.
  • To strengthen pelvic floors to prevent unexpected bladder leakage, turn to Apex, an automatic pelvic floor exerciser. It’s a medical device that will strengthen and tone the pelvic floor muscles to eliminate accidental bladder leakage. You’ve been told to “do your kegels,” but actually doing them correctly is tricky. This is the first in-home device that exercises your muscles correctly, every time.
  • Recurring vaginal dryness can make everyday comfort and sex painful and can put unnecessary strain on your relationship. As baby boomers reach menopause, they are saying no to “sandpaper sex.”

Get the info you need to take charge of dealing with your faltering sex drive.   Remember, sex is more than just fun. It’s integral to most intimate relationships, and it’s also great for your overall health (but, yeah, it’s also really fun). Check out these benefits you probably weren’t even thinking about when you started reading this chapter!

Stress relief. When you have an orgasm, the hormone, oxytocin, is released from the hypothalamus of the brain into the bloodstream. This creates an instant feeling of release and relaxation. And what better way to start off a good night’s sleep than with an orgasm?

Pain relief. Research shows that endorphins can help women increase their pain tolerance by as much as 75%. So rather than popping pain-relieving pills for your headache, try a little self-pleasure instead.

Improved creativity. Increased blood flow to the brain helps it to receive the nutrients and oxygen it needs to function at a high level. So if you’re in need of some fresh ideas, want to rejuvenate your artistic goals, or want to be able to express yourself more freely, try getting it on more often.

The old motto “use it or lose it” is still true, so you might as well enjoy every second.

Click here to download my free eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS: The Girlfriend’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause.

Find Natural and Healthy Drinks Online!

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Aug 142015

Guest Author: Food Head


In hot summer days, drinks play a major role in making your parties more interesting and memorable. Whether you are planning a beach party, deck party or for any other occasion, drinks add value to your party and make it more special.

Undoubtedly, numbers of drinks are available these days to choose from. It is not an easy task to select the ones you want. So, in order to solve your issue we at Food Head can serve as a guide to help you select the right drink for the right occasion to make your events more enjoyable. Food Head is a platform which offers an endless list of items that can prove to be the best gifts for your friends and family. You simply need to browse the internet and check out our online drinks store to get your favorite drinks.

Let’s have a look at the list of Drinks we are offering to our customers:

  • DRINKING FUDGE: chocolaty, caramelizing drinking fudge is a unique combination of rich chocolate flavors. This will make you forget the taste of hot cocoa. So don’t forget to add this in your collection. This will also help you to reduce your waistline.DrinkingFudge

  • ROCKET TEA INFUSER: – Make your tea party out of this world. You can easily use loose tea and brew it in this stainless rocket tea mug. This mug is easy to use and clean.Tea

Continue reading »

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Advice on How to Make Your Dates Amazing

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Aug 132015

Some people are just more at home when it comes to dating, and some need a bit of boost to get there. Nevertheless, it is very important to understand that there are a few tips you should bear in mind to make your dates more amazing. However, you should learn how to filter the advice you receive, because some will be great, and some might be problematic. Over time, you will develop your own style and you can even further improve some of advice.

Advice on how to make your dates amazing‏ by

Is there really a perfect first date?

First dates are very important, because you will have to leave a good first impression. And it will be important to establish some kind of chemistry to continue from there. However, there are certain scientific guides to dates, which you should read up on. Though, do not think that any formula could work every time, and that everyone is the same. You will have to adjust your approaches, and you will have to find the best way to interest your date. Sometimes though it will be helpful  to have a handy guide to help you out in a tough situation.

Keep your conversations interesting

Whether it is the first or the fifteenth date, it is very important that you consider what you are sharing. But, you need to be sure that you do not overshare on your first date, because you might come off as desperate. In either case, you have to be careful about what you say, and how you say it. If you continue dating, you will have plenty of time to talk over many a things. But for starters it is best to keep things interesting, and sometimes even mysterious.

Advice on how to make your dates amazing‏ by

Do not be afraid to ask for help

It is very important that you are not afraid to ask for help when you really need it, especially from experts. There is no shame to ask for advice from elite dating service experts, as they have been doing this for a long time, and they will know how to help you out. However, keep in mind that everyone is different, and because a tip works for one, that does not mean that it will work for others. Nevertheless, it is up to you to make the most of the advice so that you can really impress your date.

With time you will get better

At the end of the day, you will have to be patient, and to give time for things to develop, because with time you will get better with dating. Though, it is always best to listen to advice, and it is even better if someone more experienced helps you. After all, it is best to avoid making the same mistakes everyone else has, so that you can quickly learn from it. There is always room for improvement, and you should keep that in mind, so that you can improve it yourself.

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Keeping Your Dignity As You Age

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Aug 112015

As we grow older we may not be able to do some things as well as we use to. One of those things is walking up and down stairs. I was just out at one of my clients house doing an in-home assessment, he told me that the only way he was able to get up and down the steps was to crawl.  I can imagine how embarrassing that must have been for him to tell me that, but that is what I needed to hear in order for me to help him. I was able to give him his dignity back and a much easier way of getting up and down the steps. Now he can travel up to the bathroom and down to his office with ease on his new Stairlift with no worries of falling down the steps.

Keeping your dignity is more than not crawling up and down stairs. Being able to take a  bath by yourself, putting your own clothes on, and not needing any help to get in and out of your house are some more. These are just a few ways that RIGHT NOW Mobility can help those with mobility problems keep their dignity. Seniors are full of pride, they don’t ask for help as often as they need it. If you know someone who may need our help, please give us a call at 513-795-8585.

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How to Keep Your House Clean Quickly and Efficiently

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Aug 112015

When cleaning the house, the most sensible way is to divide chores according to rooms and come up with a reasonable schedule. Here are a few tips how to create a process and perform quality cleaning without investing all your energy.

A Personalized System

Disregarding how big your home is, most cleaning experts recommend a simple up-to-down and room-to-room method. This means starting from the top floor and cleaning your way down and, additionally, finishing room after room and not going back to it once you are done. This way, you always know how much you have already accomplished and what is waiting for you next.  You will be in a position to focus on one room at a time.

How to Keep Your House Clean Quickly and Efficiently by


Among the most common reasons why your cleaning is more difficult than it should be is not using proper cleaning supplies. The bathroom is the place where this is the most visible. Even though all of it can be done in under twenty minutes, especially with small bathrooms, this tasks tends to drag on for over than an hour. What you need to do is prepare and always go from one side of the bathroom to the other.

Unlike other areas of the home, some parts of the bathroom need time to absorb the chemicals that assist cleaning, so spray them on the sink, shower and tub and move on to the toilet and the mirror. Starting from the top, wipe the mirror in circular motions and be sure not to press too hard to avoid scratches. Then, put some baking soda on the toilet and scrub it firmly for a few minutes. Then flush and clean everything over with a fine cloth for extra shine. Only then can you go back to the aforementioned sink, shower and tub, and you will see that they are much easier to clean if you give the chemicals some time to work their magic. Finally, mop the floor and clean the tiles, and that is it!

How to Keep Your House Clean Quickly and Efficiently by


Luckily, kitchens are usually small and the biggest portions of their cleaning – dirty dishes – are cleaned daily anyways. This leaves you room to focus on big surfaces, as well as the oven, the fridge and the sink. The important thing is to use eco-friendly products that will not harm your hands nor damage your appliances. Furthermore, pay close attention to the area under the sink as it is often overlooked but still a home for a million germs. Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Aug 102015

Weight GainWelcome to the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Pants!

If you’re anything like me, you woke up one morning and suddenly nothing in your closet fit. Has an alien mysteriously entered your closet during the night and shrunk all your clothes?

Maybe you try to cut back on the M&Ms and ramp up your exercise routine, but still the pudge keeps on coming.

Regardless of what number she sees on the scale, a woman’s weight through menopause and perimenopause is largely determined by five factors: hormones, diet, exercise, stress, and genetics. Though you may not be able to control all of these factors on your own, a healthy weight is certainly within reach.

Here are five steps to help you shed those extra menopausal pounds (a.k.a. the menopot belly):

  1. Don’t let your hormones get the best of you. Research shows that estrogen receptors located in the hypothalamus of the brain control food intake, energy expenditure, and body fat distribution. When estrogen levels in the brain dip during menopause, this control panel increases hunger, slows metabolism, and encourages fat gain around the waist. Hormone therapy could potentially be used to   keep the brain’s estrogen receptors from promoting hunger, a sluggish metabolism, and a growing waistline during menopause. HT may prevent abdominal fat gain, according to research from Gunma University School of Medicine in Japan.
  2. Quit dieting! Seriously, diets don’t help.Deprivation diets cause weight gain, not loss. Since they don’t provide your body with the energy (a.k.a. calories) it needs, they can cause your body to slow the metabolism to conserve resources, according to the Mayo Clinic.On the flip side, in one study of 465 overweight and obese postmenopausal women by the University of Pittsburgh, women who simply ate more fruits and vegetables while reducing their consumption of desserts, meat, and cheese, not only dropped pounds, but maintained that weight loss for four years.If you are looking for an actual program to help you eat healthier, Weight Watchers is frequently recommended by physicians and has topped US and World News Report’s “Best Diets” list for weight loss. (My husband and I tried it with great success. At first I was reticent, as I would rather have a Pap smear than have to add up points, but if you use the Weight Watchers app, all the adding is done for you. WW taught us a new way of eating that was both size shrinking and life changing.)

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7 Slimming Style Tricks Every Woman Should Know

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Aug 062015

I’m sure you have wondered how your friend who weighs more than you looks slimmer than you. Maybe it’s not a corset, but rather her knowledge with regard to fashion tricks which she uses to conceal her problem areas. Fashion that slims and trims never really goes out of style. If you too want to know about fashion tricks which conceals, keep reading to know about them:

Draw lines

By that I mean, on your outfit! And the good news is that stripes have made a huge comeback this season and have gotten a remix! Invest your money in clothes that have diagonal and vertical stripes since they give the illusion of not just a longer height but also of a slim figure. You can even go for clothes with a mix of stripes to conceal some areas and highlight others. Do not be afraid to experiment here. Even a simple trick such as wearing shoes with striped patterns can go a long way in taking off a few kilos from your legs. Shop for striped clothing online with the bonus of enticing discounts and cash back by availing Trendin offers available on

Go all black

The slimming effect of Black is not unknown but still there are so many who are not harnessing its power. An all-black outfit is not just visually stunning but also visually slimming. When you wear all-black attire, you diminish the area dividing your lower body from your upper body. The effect of the black shade is based on the logic of fashion optical illusion. Since Black does not reflects any light, the flaws stay hidden in the clothes. However stay clear of black clothes in fabrics like sequins, satin or Lycra as they create reflections and will emphasize your imperfections. Shop for a large variety of gorgeous Black dresses online at discounted prices from India’s mega online fashion store i.e. Jabong, by using Jabong coupons present on

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Gas vs Solid Fuel Fireplaces

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Aug 052015

Hers is some interesting information sent to me:

Both gas and solid fuel fireplaces have their own distinct advantages over the other but which one suits your needs?



Provided by Livingstone

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The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination!

Aug 042015

Errare Humanum Est, goes the ancient Roman proverb – it is only human to make mistakes. Even some of the greatest historical figures were known to make critical mistakes only to later rise stronger and better than they ever were before. Winston Churchill, for example, was the mind behind the Gallipoli Landing, one of the greatest failures in the military history of the 20th century, still he never allowed this defeat to bring him down and rose again to become recognized as one of the greatest victors and one of the most inspiring leaders of his time.

This is not something that 2872583288_8127958300_zhappens only in history books. The significance of rising after a defeat is one of the most important things for anything you decide to do in life. Leading a small business is not an exception to this. The only reason that we fall is so that we can learn how to pick ourselves up, and here are a few ways in which small business can learn from their previous mistakes and become better for it.

Always trust the numbers

Although there are many stories of success and urban legends of millions of new businesses that made it overnight seemingly with just one right decision, a business is not a gamble. Always trust cold hard facts more than your gut feeling. It is true that sometimes you should go with your intuition but never when the facts speak otherwise and your entire livelihood or business is at stake at the same time.

Learn from mistakes of others

A mistake, any mistake, can cost you dearly and even if they seem insignificant at present, in time they can have dire consequences. They say that learning from your own mistakes is by far the most efficient didactic method, as it is always better to learn from mistakes of others. They are everywhere around you, the only difference is that unlike the stories of success, they seldom reach the front page. This just means that you will have to do a bit of a research on your own. Continue reading »

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Aug 032015

InsomniaYou’re in the middle of a conversation with a colleague, and lose your thought halfway through a sentence. You call your children by the dog’s name. (If you name your dog after your first born, you might save yourself some embarrassment!). Your desk is plastered with sticky note reminders. You find yourself asking your significant other, “Honey, can you call my phone? I can’t find it.” You wish you could do the same with your keys and wallet.

It’s not in your head: Menopausal memory loss is real.

As hormones fluctuate in your body during menopause, cognitive functions are affected.  Doctors say self-reported memory problems are common in women 33-55.  Many menopausal women have trouble with working memory, as well as keeping themselves focused, says a study from the University of Rochester Medical Center and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Additionally, the Study of Women’s Health Across the Nation (SWAN) showed that cognitive decline is common, and that it can be more difficult to learn new things as you go through menopause.  That translates to problems with even some of the most basic real-life tasks, like calculating a tip after a restaurant meal or adjusting an itinerary after unexpected flight changes. (Take a look at this clip of a Menopause Monday event on the TODAY Show discussing the research!)

FYI, the study says hormone therapy works better when you begin early on, say before your last period or by 53 years of age.  There might be a detrimental effect if you begin hormones much later in the game—three or four years after your last period.

“If a woman approaching menopause feels she is having memory problems, no one should brush it off or attribute it to a jam-packed schedule. She can find comfort in knowing that there are new research findings that support her experience. She can view her experience as normal,” lead researcher Miriam Weber, Ph.D., said in a statement. Between one-third and two-thirds of women report forgetfulness and other memory difficulties during perimenopause and menopause, according to Weber.

Still, “normal” doesn’t always mean “good.” And it definitely doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Continue reading »

Aug 032015

A dream kitchen would consist of a gleaming chimney with an array of high-end professional looking kitchen appliances, and with enough space & storage to fulfill all your needs, while at the same time looking chic & designer. But most kitchens either lack the space & storage required to be fully functional, or they look drab with the same boring designs & architecture. The answer to this may lie in going for a kitchen island that can immediately elevate the look & feel of your kitchen, while giving you plenty of additional storage for your kitchen stuff.  And a kitchen island can also provide additional seating for the kids & family.

Kitchen Island benches

Kitchen island benches are an innovation in the field of interior designing and can help you expand your kitchen space by providing an extra counter-top with storage space beneath. Most of the time, this counter-top or island is located in the middle of the kitchen, so it can also act like a bench or a table where your family can have a quick breakfast or meal. The counter-top provided by the kitchen island bench works as an extra surface area where you can chop vegetables, place hot dishes to cool down before serving, or make your dough, etc.. With illuminated lightning or hanging ceiling lights, one can accentuate the island counter making your kitchen the highlight of your house.

Kitchen islands offer a convenient way to increase kitchen surface, especially for large families, because they can double up as a table, plus they provide added storage. For large families, you can even add a cook top or a sink to the kitchen island, which can become an additional working sink if there are lot of dishes that need to be washed daily. Continue reading »

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Jul 312015

Opening a business is not that simple. There are numerous factors and details you should always keep in mind in order to organize it properly. Knowing how to plan everything in detail and what to expect from the target market in every situation will help you grow your business and move forward. Here are a couple of things you need to take into consideration before you open a business. Check them out!

Estimate start-up costs

What to keep in mind when opening a business by

The first thing you need to do before you embark on something as complex as opening a business is to set your budget. Knowing how much money you have, will help you understand whether you are even capable of investing in such a business right now.

Once you set your budget, you need to estimate start-up costs, depending on a multitude of factors, such as the size and the type of your business. When calculating the costs, you need to take every aspect of your new business into the consideration, from the insurance, registration fees and adequate inventory, to the technology, marketing costs, employee wages and proper equipment.

Business name

When opening a business, one of the most important things to do is to think of the proper business name. What you should always keep in mind is that this is not just a word or a phrase written on your products, it’s much more than that! You will soon realize that your business name is a matter of reputation, admiration, consumer loyalty and most importantly, quality. That is why it needs to be brief, logical and unique so that your potential customers’ can remember it with ease.

When it comes to the registration of the business name, you will need to choose one that is not used by another company or organization. After all, it is always better to have an original name so that your customers don’t confuse with other companies. Continue reading »

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Diana Smith is a full time mom of two beautiful girls interested in topics related to health and alternative medicine. In her free time she enjoys exercising at the local gym and preparing healthy meals for her family.

Jul 302015

How are you handling this year’s heatwave? Some claim that this weather is absolutely the worst and then invest in air conditioners and fans while tweeting their sorrow online. Others have accepted that if there is one thing we cannot control, it is the weather, so they say to just wait it out a bit and you’ll be fine. But the fact remains that staying beautiful during the heatwave is no easy task. There are, however a couple of tricks that will keep you looking and feeling fresh longer.

Heatwave Beauty: Staying Fresh at 100˚F

Preserving your makeup and making sure it doesn’t melt can be quite a challenge at 100˚F. We recommend staying away from moisturizers during the summer as your skin already produces enough natural oils. Some anti-shine products (blotters) are a great way to calm your T-zone and make your skin look more matte. Try to stay away from foundation, and start appreciating a glowing, dewy skin, because that is all you’ll be able to pull off when the sun’s peaking. BB creams (BB cream stands for blemish balm, blemish base, beblesh balm, and in Western markets, beauty balm) are an excellent alternative to entire layers of makeup that you may be using during a more breathable period. In fact, BB creams have become such insanely high-tech elements of makeup that ladies worldwide are opting for them rather than foundations, concealers, primers, powders. As for your lashes, if you need mascara on, have waterproof mascara on. It will simply run otherwise – not run as in panda eyes runny mascara, but you’ll be wearing a smoky eye whether you want to or not.

Heatwave Beauty: Staying Fresh at 100˚F

Excessive sweating is a thing that happens when the temperatures are sizzling, and pit stains are a way of life, not something to scowl at. Just give it a few more days and the city’s collective hygiene will improve drastically. You can, however, make the best of things by using stress control deodorants which are a bit heavier than your average deodorant, and it’s probably not the best idea to use them the year round, unless excessive sweating is a symptom you experience the year round. Continue reading »

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Jul 292015

Everybody knows that a well-maintained home is bound to last longer, but there is no shame in admitting that something always seems to slip through the cracks. Here we will give you short checklist for maintaining the water heater, which is one of those household devices that are usually neglected, but very important nevertheless.

Checking the TPR Valve

The first thing that you will have to do is shut the power off and then do the same thing with the cold-water supply valve. Now find a bucket and place it under the pipe that is connected to the TPR (Temperature-Pressure-Release) valve, which can be found on the side or on the top of the tank. If water keeps flowing after you lift valve’s tab to let some of it out, you should drain the tank partway and replace the old valve with the new one.


Checking the Anode Rod

Find a hose and put it to the tank’s drain cock, let some water out (no more than a couple of gallons), fit the appropriate socket onto the heater’s top (alternatively, you can fit it under its top plate), and unscrew the rod. If it’s less than 1/2 inch in length, or maybe coated with calcium, it is time to buy a new one.  To install, wrap the threads with Teflon plummer’s tape, put it back in the tank and tighten it. Continue reading »

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