♥ Yourself This Valentine’s Day

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Feb 082016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgDo you want to fall in love this Valentine’s Day? I have the perfect valentine for you – YOU! When is the last time you sent yourself some love? The University of Michigan Institute forSocial Research found that college students who base their own self-worth on what others think, and not their own value as human beings, often pay a mental and physical price for it. So, ladies, this Valentine’s Day – be your own special Valentine!

Here are 4 simple tips to help you become your own sweetheart:

Pay it forward, but start with yourself!

Look at yourself as you do your best friend – with kindness, admiration and love. In referencing a study by psychologists, Ed Diener of the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign and Shigehiro Oishi of the University of Virginia, Psychology Today notes, “True happiness lasts longer than a burst of dopamine, however, so it’s important to think of it as something more than just emotion. Your sense of happiness also includes cognitive reflections, such as when you give a mental thumbs-up or thumbs-down to your best friend’s sense of humor, the shape of your nose, or the quality of your marriage.” Make a mental note to love yourself – find some self-compassion. Value your wisdom, your life experience, your potential. Make a list of all the qualities and characteristics that make you unique and take them to heart. Every life lesson you’ve experienced has added to your wisdom. Celebrate YOU!

Book a date with your BFF (YOU.)

Become your own BFF (Best Friends Forever). Arrange your day around things that bring you joy. This could be lunch with a mentor, your lover, or your mother. Or perhaps book a play date with your grandchildren, go on a shopping spree, or volunteer at your favorite charity. Book it! Treat yourself to something that you love to do.

Use it or lose it!

The best way to love yourself is to take good care of your health! It may be time for a tune up! For women in perimenopause and menopause, make sure you have a healthy vagina. I reached out for help when my declining estrogen levels resulted in the thinning (I wish it had the same effect on my hips) and drying of the lining of my vagina. Ladies, the health of your vagina is important whether or not you are having mad passionate sex with a partner, your vibrator or no sex at all. When it comes to the vagina, thin and dry is out and can cause problems other than in the bedroom. With the help of a menopause specialist, you can find relief in no time.

I am not anti-aging!

Aging is a gift. Because of medical advances and more progressive thinking, postmenopausal women are enjoying fuller, sexier, more soulful lives than ever before. We boomers wouldn’t have it any other way. We want to celebrate life at every age. Believe it –60 is the new 40!

I hope you have a wild and crazy Valentine’s Day this year with your new BFF – YOU!

Shower yourself with random acts of kindness and joy! I you!
Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

Click here to download my free eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriend’s Guide To Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause.



Advances in Cervical Cancer Screening…The Demise of the Annual PAP

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Feb 022016

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month, so now is the perfect time to update you on the latest guidelines for PAP testing. There is a new day dawning in the Age of Aquarius!

In the 1950’s, the PAP smear was invented to identify abnormal cervical cancer cells. It became the first screening test widely used for cancer detection. Women were taught that they needed a PAP test every year, and that became the standard of care. However, like most screening tests, the PAP was not perfect. Over the years, a lot of women tested positive for abnormal cervical cells, when, in fact, their cervical cells were actually normal. These “false alarms” led to unnecessary biopsies and surgeries.

In 1976, the cause of cervical cancer was determined to be a sexually transmitted disease called the human papilloma virus (HPV). While there are over a dozen strains, the two most common high-risk types are HPV 16 and 18. Perhaps it will be surprise you to learn that most of us have already met the HPV virus through sexual activity. Luckily, our immune systems have taken good care to rid our bodies of the virus long before it leads to infection and cancer. There is a very long lag time between cervical HPV infection and cancer. We are talking about ten years! And that is why the PAP testing guidelines have recently been revised. Continue reading »

About Dr. Tara Allmen

Dr. Tara Allmen is one of America’s leading experts in menopausal medicine. She is a Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner and highly respected in the medical community. Inspired to reach millions of American women over the age of 40 with accurate scientific information that can help them, Dr. Allmen has appeared numerous times on local and national television, created an extensive library of video information available on this website, and the DVD “Menopause in an Hour.” A graduate of New York’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School, Dr. Allmen earned her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and her medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, she completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Allmen started her professional career in a private obstetrical practice but ultimately decided to follow her passion for menopausal medicine. She joined Columbia Presbyterian’s Center for Menopause, Hormonal Disorders and Women’s Health in 1999, focusing her practice on perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Allmen has educated thousands of medical professionals around the country on menopausal medicine. She has also been featured on television, both in the United States and internationally. Dr Allmen is also the founder and director of The Allmen Foundation, a non-profit organization that primarily supports organizations working in the areas of women’s health, childhood education and animal welfare. The North American Menopause Society, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to menopausal women’s health, refers to Dr. Allmen as a “Visionary” contributor. Having identified the frustrations of many women regarding getting objective, scientifically-based advice on menopause or access to professionals who specialize in menopausal medicine, Dr. Allmen created Menopause in an Hour. Dr. Allmen lives in New York City with her husband, Lawrence M. Kimmel, their two children, and a small dog named Sadie. Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist National Certified Menopause Practitioner Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr. Oz Show Medical Advisory Board CEO, The Allmen Foundation Wife, Mother and Friend

Jan 282016

Here is some more great information sent to me:

CareMore, Nifty After Fifty Provide Exercises Older Adults Can Follow for a Healthy 2016

Resolve to Get Started; Daily Routine Doesn’t Have to Be Strenuous to be Effective

Media Contacts: Doug Bennett Jr., (502) 475-2650 / doug.bennettjr@anthem.com

Cerritos, Calif. – Jan. 20, 2016 – With the beginning of the new year, people of all ages, shapes and sizes are resolving to get more exercise. For older adults in particular, getting started can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be, according to Dr. Scott Mancuso, senior medical officer of CareMore Health System.

When people have been living a sedentary lifestyle for a while, it can be scary for them to start exercising,” Dr. Mancuso said. “Perhaps they worry about getting injured. In reality, the risk of not exercising is far greater than that of exercising.”

Regular physical activity has proven beneficial in strengthening bones and muscles and helping reduce the risk of serious health conditions, including heart disease, diabetes and certain kinds of cancers. Exercise also helps prevent falls for older adults and has even been linked to better mental health.i

Unfortunately, only one in four people between the ages of 65 and 74 participate in regular exercise,” said Dr. Sheldon S. Zinberg, chairman and president of Nifty After Fifty. “For the rest, the new year can provide them with the extra motivation they need to get started. This is a crucial decision. For some, it could mean the difference between maintaining independence … or not.”


Small steps can make a big difference,” he added. “Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective. Older adults should focus on simple, low-impact exercises that can improve endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. These exercises can be done at no cost with a little effort, using things that are already in the home.” Continue reading »

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination! http://dm-treasures.biz

Jan 272016

Here is some more great information sent to me….

Many Americans die each year due to preventable chronic diseases. Studies have shown that investments in community-based prevention programs not only help to improve health outcomes but also can also save costs by avoiding costly treatments in the future.

To learn more checkout the following infographic, created by the Adventist University of Health Sciences Online RN BSN program.

ADU Online RN to BSN Program

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination! http://dm-treasures.biz

Hints on Designing a Proper Home Bar

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Jan 262016

The variety of cut-to-measure material choices now available, and today’s widely available technology, make almost any DIY project easier than ever. All of you who have always dreamed of having your own home bar, and now have the means for making this dream real and tangible, this this article is for you. Naturally, as with any DIY project, you will have to put some sweat in, and use your crafting skills, to get the job done. With this in mind, here are several pieces of advice to help you in the process.

Find the Right Spot

The first thing you need to do is to find the right place for your bar. If you live in a house with several floors, the bottom floor is a better solution, because you would not have to carry the materials and tools upstairs during the building process. There should be enough space for unobstructed movement of those in front and behind the bar counter. Also, try to situate it next to a window, so the ‘bartender’ can get some fresh air when the atmosphere gets a bit smoky.



What you do not want is a lack of space behind the counter. If there is not enough room, you will surely bump into things, break glasses or spill drinks because you are unable to maneuver. As for the length, the bar can be as long as the available apace allows. Also, pay attention to bar stool height. You do not want to have bar stools that are too high or too low, because they would not be functional at all. Continue reading »

About Lillian Connors

Lillian Connors is an avid blogger and home improvement enthusiast keen on doing various DIY projects in and around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely cooperating with numerous businesses from all over the globe.

Jan 192016

Did you know that there is more than one kind of DC (Direct Current) electric motor available? This is something that surprises many people and can make the choice of which one best suits their application all the more difficult, as they haven’t been equipped with all the facts. In this article, we have briefly outlined what each of these motors are in the hopes that it helps you reach a decision in future. Before this, however, we’ve looked at the basic characteristics that they all share.

As you may already be aware, there are two electrical elements of a DC electric motor – the field windings and the armature. The armature windings are comprised of current carrying conductors that terminate at a commutator. DC voltage is applied to the windings through carbon brushes, which ride on the commutator itself. In small motors, permanent magnets can be used for the stator but in large ones, the stator is usually an electromagnet.

  1. Permanent Magnet
    These motors utilize a magnet to supply field flux. The main advantages of this type are that they have excellent starting torque capability with good speed regulation. The disadvantages, however, are that they are limited to the amount of load that they can drive (which is why they are usually found in low horsepower applications) and that torque is usually limited to 150% of rated torque (to prevent demagnetization of the permanent magnets).
    Continue reading »
Jan 182016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgUnless you break a bone, you may not be paying attention to your bone health. Bone loss is a silent process.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation (NOF) estimates that a total of 54 million U.S. adults age 50 and older are affected by osteoporosis and low bone mass.

I have received numerous emails from readers who have recently been diagnosed with Osteoporosis. As our estrogen levels decline, bone loss may accelerate.   Many women suddenly find themselves in a quandary as to whether to go on medication or not.

I thought I would share one women’s story with you.  For the purpose of this blog, we shall call her Jeanne.  Jeanne has avoided any pharmaceutical use because her mother took DES while she was pregnant with her.  Recently, Jeanne was diagnosed with Osteoporosis. Her doctor says her case is severe and he recommends she go on a drug called, Forteo.

To help support Jeanne, I  turned to osteoporosis expert Diane L. Schneider, MDa geriatrician, epidemiologist, co-founder of 4BoneHealth.org, and author of The Complete Bone Book.  

According to Dr. Schneider, “Osteoporosis is the result of bone loss that occurs silently and progressively creating a fragile skeleton that puts one at risk of breaking a bone or having a fracture.”

Dr. Schneider graciously shared her review and thoughts on Jeanne’s options:

Jeanne, age 60, was diagnosed with osteoporosis by bone density scan. Her lowest skeletal site was the lumbar spine (low back) with T-score of -3.7 and her total hip was -3.2. The T-score is comparison of your bone density measurement with young women at peak bone mass. The T-score along with assessing risk factors for breaking a bone provides a fracture risk assessment. Continue reading »

Jan 162016

Home weatherization is great for reducing expenses, but it’s especially worthwhile thanks to a boost in comfort too. Getting these benefits by improving energy efficiency can seem daunting, but weatherization can actually be quite simple. In fact, taking care of just three things can do wonders for home performance.

Weatherization - Simon Williams

Photo by Simon Williams

Air Sealing

Attics, crawl spaces, and ductwork can be big contributors to those utility bills. In fact, it’s estimated that air leaks account for 40% of heating and cooling needs. This big of an air loss makes air sealing a smart step in any weatherization plan. Door frames, outlets, and windows can be tended to by the everyday homeowner with simply caulking and weatherstripping. The majority of work will need to go into attics, crawl spaces, and ductwork though, and those spots can take a bit more effort and money. Adding in foam or blown insulation can be turned into a DIY project, but sealing corners within the framework and hitting those hard to reach spots can be tricky. It’s entirely possible for a homeowner to do this on their own, but it’s always worthwhile to involve a professional at some point. Aside from having the tools and know-how that will get the work done quickly with minimized chances of mistakes, they also have an experienced eye capable of catching any potential issues in the home. Time has never made housing problems cheaper, so it’s always better to catch flaws now instead of later.    Continue reading »

About Ash Stevens

Ash Stevens is a mother, writer, and a wannabe shaman. She loves health, gardening, simplicity, culture, chocolate, and sarcasm. If she isn’t writing or talking family and relationships on her blog, then she’s surely playing badminton with the kids. Find her on Twitter or Facebook and make a new friend!

Jan 122016

If you are not an expert craftsman but you still know your way around things, you could avoid calling the plumber every time there is an issue with the plumbing. If you want to impress your second half and at the same time save yourself a lot of money, here are the things which you can do if the time allows. These plumbing fixes require only tools and the following knowledge to be performed.

Repairing a kitchen faucet

If you have a leak somewhere and you cannot stand watching that drippy kitchen faucet, there is an easy way of fixing it. It is pretty easy and with a few simple screws and proper replacement parts, you can fix almost anything. The first thing is to locate the problem. Once you have found the dripping part, unscrew it and try to remove it. Make sure the water is off, or you might cause additional leaks. Once you have unscrewed it, use proper replacement parts, including the middle rubber pieces, and install them in the appropriate positions. Make sure the rubber in the middle is placed properly, for it is responsible for preventing leaks. Everything else should be easy, just put everything together and screw it tightly.


Leaks in plumbing joints Continue reading »

About Lillian Connors

Lillian Connors is an avid blogger and home improvement enthusiast keen on doing various DIY projects in and around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely cooperating with numerous businesses from all over the globe.

Jan 112016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgIt’s that time of year when we are all more focused on our health and wellness.  I thought I would take advantage of this mini-window of opportunity to help us all create some new, healthier habits!

For those of you who are sitting at a desk hovered over a computer or laptop, most of the day, this blog is for you!

My work at EllenDolgen.com keeps me glued to my desk chair working on my computer most of the day and sometimes into the night. Consequently, I find myself experiencing a variety of neck/back challenges that I never used to have.

I reached out to my wonderful trainer, Daniel Shamburg, MS, CSCS and founder of ShiftFitness, who helps me stay on my path of healthy aging to see how I can best tackle this new work related  problem.

Daniel told me there are a number of tips that can help those of us whose jobs cause us to be glued to the internet, stay pain-free while we work.

1. Be more aware of your posture. Posture, like muscles, needs to be worked on to improve. When we sit for prolonged periods of time the head, shoulders and torso round forward. This forward posture increases the amount of strain on our neck and spine. Over time, chronic shoulder, neck, and low back pain can develop. Continue reading »

Topmost Benefits of Car Park Boom Gates

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Jan 102016

Boom gates are being used in a variety of places. They are used for car parking, roadway checkpoints, and railway crossings. The installation of these barriers can easily control the mobility of multiple vehicles.

car park boom gates

car park boom gates

In the present times, one of the major problems is related to traffic, which is increasing every day. With the increasing number of vehicles, it has become all the more important to control the vehicles speeding on the road. Every day, a wide number of major accidents take place on the road. Good quality car park boom gates are the ideal solution for hospitals, shopping centers, warehouses and also for large-scale commercial and residential complexes. They are available in white colors, and can even be customized according to the need of the buildings.

A boom barrier is a horizontal pole that is laid above the surface of the ground. It is installed to control the vehicles that are passing through specific checkpoints. Continue reading »

About evan javier

Evan Javier is an expert writer, blogger with strong passion in writing for various topics such as Business, Health/Fitness, Lifestyle, Home décor, Travel, Automotive and lot more. Follow him at Google+ and Twitter

Jan 062016

Another great infographic sent to me on behalf of Key Retirement

The brain is an incredibly complex organ that makes us the humans we are. Find eight ways to improve your brain power with this infographic from Key Retirement and enjoy a healthier mind.

Brain Training

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination! http://dm-treasures.biz

Jan 042016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgYou can’t leave your perimenopause and menopause symptoms on the kitchen counter when you leave the house.

You can’t pretend to be “fine” when you are dripping wet from a hot flash, sleepless and irritable. Your family, co- workers, loved ones, and friends know when you are not feeling well.

Here are some simple tips that will help you become your own best Health Advocate:

  1. You are not alone! According to Menopause.org, “An estimated 6,000 U.S. women reach menopause every day.  That is over 2 million of us per year. In addition, more women are living beyond age 65. A women’s average life expectancy in the western world is estimated at 79. 7 years.”
  1. Trust How You Feel! – You know when you don’t feel well. If you go to a healthcare provider to get menopause advice and help and your provider tells you, “You’re too young to be in menopause”, don’t sit there and accept it! Do not go home and suffer in silence.

Continue reading »

How to Choose Proper Bedroom Lighting

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Dec 292015

The bedroom is the place where you sleep, relax, rejuvenate and find peace after a stressful day. That is why you need to pay special attention to this room when decorating your home – especially if it includes a working desk and a reading area – and one of the things to focus on is the lighting. How to choose proper lights for a bedroom with multiple purposes, where to place them and what options are available on the market?


Different Types

When your bedroom is just a bedroom, a bedside light is all you need. However, if you study, work and watch TV in your bedroom, one light is definitely not enough. That is why you need to take different types of lighting in consideration and make sure all corners of your bedroom are well lit.

Bedside lights come in various shapes and sizes and you can get really creative with what they can offer. While most people just place a table lamp on a nightstand, left and right of their beds, others opt for a more creative and non-traditional approach. So, for example, you can combine these lamps with pendant lights and scones, thus getting a new and chic design that blends different light sources into a compact mixture. Continue reading »

About Lillian Connors

Lillian Connors is an avid blogger and home improvement enthusiast keen on doing various DIY projects in and around her house and passionately writing about them. She is also an online marketing consultant, closely cooperating with numerous businesses from all over the globe.

Countdown to New Year’s Eve…………….

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Dec 282015

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgIt is about this time of year that I begin thinking about my New Year’s resolutions.

According to Wikipedia, the most common reason for participants failing their New Years’ Resolutions was setting themselves unrealistic goals (35%), while 33% didn’t keep track of their progress and a further 23% forgot about it. About one in 10 respondents claimed they made too many resolutions.

Does this sound familiar?????

Then I learned that women succeeded 10% more when they made their goals public and got support from their friends.

Soooooooooooooo, rather than create a huge “must change” list that I will never achieve.  This year, I decided to just have one, achievable (!) New Year’s Resolution.

This was my initial brainstorm:

  • lose weight
  • change up my exercise
  • cut back on my alcohol intake 
  • laugh more
  • be present
  • reduce cell phone time
  • enjoy life
  • reduce stress

As I ponder over this list, I think that one that jumps out at me most is to “change up my exercise”.   One day a week, I plan on incorporating a different  form of aerobic exercise into my routine!  I think this will help many of the other items on my list.

It will be easy for me to keep track of my weekly progress.

I read somewhere that we are more likely to reach our goals if we share them. So, thanks for letting me share……….. wish me luck!

Happy Healthy New Year!

Remember: Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out in IN!

Click here to download my free eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriend’s Guide To Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause.

I am honored to be nominated as one of the Best Health Blogs of 2015 by Healthline!! I would love to have your vote! Search Ellen Dolgen – you can vote once a day thru Jan 21st! Thank you for your support! Vote here!

Dec 242015

Here is another great infographic sent to me:

5 ways to slow time

Time seems to pass more quickly as we get older, but why is this? Perception of time by our brains is relative, and this infographic from Key Retirement explains this phenomenon and provides some suggestions as to how you can slow down time.

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination! http://dm-treasures.biz

Dec 192015

The days when hair removal was considered female only are finally over. Many men today want their body hair to be either thinned or removed via means of shaving or waxing, and they even go as far as going down the Brazilian road.

Excessive body hair can be a real confidence difficulty for some men, so they dream of smooth skin. The dream can come true because there are numerous ways of getting rid of unwanted body hair. Here are only some of them.

Solution #1: Back Shavers

The first line of defence of many men is a shaver. The effects of this solution are only temporary, because they depend on hair growth speed. Similarly to facial hair, the hair on your body will reappear within only a few days, along with numerous problems. Namely, this method of hair removal increases the risk of different infections and ingrown hair, especially on sensitive skin.

The biggest delusion about hair shaving is that this method of hair removal will make the new growing hair thicker and coarser, which is, of course, not true. If you decide on this method, you are simply going to need assistance in reaching certain areas which are difficult to reach, such as your back. Continue reading »

Dec 172015

Creating anything beautiful is innate to human beings, and it is no different with fashion design, which is about designing clothes that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Like any other field, to be successful in this one too you need to study your craft well so that you can hold your own amidst stiff competition. There is more to it than combining various hues and cuts. This is why fashion designing courses are growing popular with those who are keen on making a mark in this glamorous industry. The course teaches one all that is required to further one’s prospects in this high demand field.

From the basics of understanding different fabrics and how they behave, to designing beautiful clothes and accessories, and to adding the final touches and marketing one’s creations, a good fashion design institute also focuses on the works of reputed designers, spanning different ages and the demands of different times, to show students what contributes to great designs. There is no denying that fashion designing is closely related to the age as well as the society. Continue reading »

Parenting 101: How to Obtain Affordable Children’s Clothes

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Dec 152015

kids shopping

Parents know that their kids need different sets of clothes as the grow, for infants, toddlers, and for special occasion – and they grow faster than we think. You need to check on them always. Here are some suggestions you can use to find cheaper clothing for the kids:

Hand-Me-Downs are helpful for the young ones. It does not matter if the hand-me-down dresses and shoes came from a friend, siblings, neighbors or relatives. It’s always good to have them because you can save money and appreciate the generous act from someone you know. Getting neutral kids’ clothes is really great, and you don’t need to pick a specific color.

Use your favorite search engine. This method is always recommended since we are like to see images and a detailed description when we are looking for particular clothes for the kids. The Internet has become the number one go-to place when looking for something that we want to purchase. For example, go to Google or Yahoo and type these sample keywords: “gowns for toddlers” or “formal dress for little girls.” Nowadays, the Internet is the recommended place to fulfill your needs – easy and convenient. Continue reading »

About Candice Larson

Candice Larson is a fan of lifestyle and home decor. Currently, she works as a copywriter and at the same time attending her graduate studies.

Dec 142015

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgThe holidays are often a bittersweet time of year. Amid all of the parties, family gatherings, and general joyousness, there can be some strong feelings of loneliness, financial stress, and annoyance. For the menopausal women, you may experience triple the annoyance when you’re the only one having a hot flash while standing in freezing cold weather.
Here are seven suggestions on ways to beat the holiday blues and get more joy out of the holiday season:

  1. Reduce your stress! Don’t bog yourself down with giant to-do lists. Take a critical look at your holiday planning list. Are you expecting too much out of yourself? Be more realistic, pair it down!
  2. Chill out. Try TM (Transcendental Meditation). Many medical professionals, corporate executives, even celebrities meditate twice a day for 20 min. These few minutes will change your day and your life.
  3. Don’t let your Type-A personality take over. Keep that chick under control! So what if the cookies look like a third grader made them! Every single thing does not have to be perfect to still be fun and delicious!  Nobody is as bothered by your imperfections as you are. Remember that.
  4. Life sometimes gives us lemons, really bad drivers, and grumpy salespeople. Don’t let others rattle you and let the experience go immediately. More than likely they are having a really bad day and just need a smile or someone to be nice to them. Don’t sweat the small stuff (unless of course you are hot flashing).
  5. Laughter relieves tension. It’s like getting an emotional massage. Do it, and do it often, even if you have to watch funny movies or think of something naughty and awful to get those lips curled up into a smile. Laughter truly is the best medicine. My favorite new TV show is Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Monday nights on the CW. It’s a hilarious musical comedy. (Rachel Bloom just got nominated for a Golden Globe!!) Check it out! Continue reading »
Dec 112015

Guest Author: Heather Roberts

Baby Boomer Cleaning TipsAs the baby boomers age, cleaning a home becomes more and more difficult without proper help in the process. Some things will require you to be a bit more flexible and you may need to move quite a few things around during the task. Because not everyone has the same mobility as they used to when they were young, you could need some help in the process from professional cleaners. This does not mean however that you cannot also work on things alone, as long as you stay safe doing it and don’t overexert yourself in the process if you have a big home:

  • Open the windows

You should never keep the windows shut for extended periods of time, as ventilating the home each day to keep the air fresh will be a good way to avoid dust from becoming a serious problem as time goes by. A lot of studies nowadays show that the quality of indoor air in most households has dropped significantly for a number of reasons, chief among them is the fact that indoor air happens to be a lot more polluted than outdoor air in most areas. Indoor air suffers due to chemical fumes from cleaning detergents, as well as other chemicals we use in our daily lives, but we also have tons of dust mites that share our living space on pillows, mattresses and our furniture as well. Mold and mildew also become a serious problem in our homes if left unchecked. These pollutants can be a serious problem for respiratory diseases and need to be expelled once in a while when doing house cleaning. Continue reading »

Dec 112015

Our lives are based in and around gadgets, and we hardly ever see the kids want to go out and enjoy in the nature anymore. Even we adults spend most of our time on social networking and watching TV. However, at times we need to come out of our homes and take a look at our home exteriors; especially our garden. If you have a garden at the front of your house, then it is crucial for you to take good care of that garden. After the snow your lawn and garden will need proper maintenance so that it can get back in shape. When the snow starts to melt, it also uncovers all the different items that you left behind. So in order to bring your lawn or garden back to life, you can create a family project to clean your garden and  get into some fun times together. Here are some tips that will help you do this

Garden Maintenance Services

Garden Maintenance Services

When to start?

Just as we start to clean our homes in spring, maintaing your garden in spring is also a good idea. In the summer we all prefer to stay outdoors and relax in our garden, but if your garden or lawn is not clean then you can’t really enjoy yourself there. So you need to make sure that you carry out a thorough cleaning during the spring, picking up all the waste that was buried during the snow. But as soon as you realize that your lawn and garden is looking untidy it is time for you to start your garden maintenance. Continue reading »

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emergency plumber

emergency plumber

Have you ever come across a situation when you come home from work and see that your plumbing system has leaks and your home is flooded with water? If yes, then you definitely know why it is important to have an emergency plumber handy. However, if you have not come across such a situation then it is the right time to consider this article and make sure that you have the emergency plumber contact details handy so that in case there is a plumbing issue then you don’t have to search for someone who can fix your plumbing system. Your plumbing system is a crucial part of your home and you definitely do not want a rookie plumber messing up the existing system for you.  So it is best to search now for an emergency plumber. Some of the important reasons why you need to have contact details of the plumber handy are mentioned below.

  • One of the most important things is that you can trust them and this should be because you have spoken to them and studied their professional experience. Once you know whom you are dealing with then you can also be confident in the fact that a trustworthy and reliable plumber available in times of an emergency.

  • In times of an emergency you will know exactly whom to call and you will not have any doubts about the capability of the plumber you are calling. You will know about their charges and they will also tell you what their TAT (turnaround time) is.

  • When you first hire them for a regular plumbing job, then you will have a better idea about how they do their work and if they are professionals in their field. If you know how they work in small jobs then you will have a guarantee for your emergencies that the emergency plumber you hire is reliable.

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Guest Author: Jacqueline Hatch


Do you want to age in place without being socially isolated? Consider having a senior roommate!

Some advantages of having a senior roommate include friendship, help with home maintenance, and financial assistance in paying rent.

Before you embark on the search for a senior roommate, consider the type of person you are and what personality type would mesh well with your own. For example, do you enjoy sharing your living space with others? Do you stay up late at night or wake up early in the morning? Do you prefer to eat alone or desire a tidy space? Determining these important factors early on can help you find the type of person who fits well with your lifestyle choices.

Our friends at Seniorly.com share articles and blogposts on the topics of aging, health care and senior housing options. They offer comprehensive information to help you make better decisions when it comes to aging.

Get more information on topics that matter to you at Seniorly.com

Do you need to find senior housing for yourself or a loved one? Make the search process easier by signing up with Seniorly for free; you’ll get access to local community profiles, as well as a friendly customer support team and access to pricing and availability.

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http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpg“Attention K-Mart Shoppers, there is a shopper in perimenopause and menopause on isle three.  Be prepared for shoving, dirty looks, and sudden emotional outbursts.”

Let’s face it, when our hormones are plummeting, our tempers are rising.   Things that used to go practically unnoticed, like our husbands chewing gum, suddenly feel like fingernails scratching on a chalkboard.

Thank you, Shop.org for the birth of Cyber Monday!

In the olden days, the day after Thanksgiving was traditionally considered to be the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Most retailers would have big sales, providing massive discounts to attract Christmas shoppers.

Thanksgiving weekend is also one of the busiest travel weekends in the U.S. when people travel all across the Country to be with their families. As a result, many customers miss Black Friday’s deals and sales. That is why Cyber Monday was born!  We can shop anywhere – even on an airplane!Cyber Monday 2015
In 2005, Shop.org realized that on the Monday after Black Friday millions of Americans, fresh off a Thanksgiving weekend of window shopping, were not busy at work, but instead were on their computers buying up a storm!

Although the store aisles have been lined with holiday decor even before we celebrated Halloween, the truth is some of us do not get our holiday shopping done in a timely manner.

That’s where Cyber Monday comes in, and why I love it!

Retailers have become more social media savvy, so they often offer the best deals to those who follow them on Facebook and Twitter, get their Pinterest and Instagram feeds, or sign up for text and email alerts. So make sure you’re following your favorite retailers on social media. Continue reading »