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The odds are that if you’re a man and you live long enough, you’ll have an enlarged prostate at some point in your life.

The prostate produces the seminal fluid that mixes with the sperm to create semen during ejaculation. Because the prostate surrounds the urethra (the tube that your urine also passes through), it’s swelling causes the tube to be clamped down on, which restricts urine flow.

This can also be one of the pain sites for a painful ejaculation. The reason is; you now have a burst of semen flowing through a restricted tube, that may only be 20% of its normal diameter.

As you can imagine forcing that volume quickly through a tube with that dramatic of a size reduction in a very sensitive area could cause pain.


So What Causes The Prostate To Enlarge?

There are several reasons why the prostate can enlarge, with cancer of course being one of them. We won’t be focusing on cancer here as we have other articles on the site that cover this. Instead we will be addressing other causes for prostate enlargement, so that you may get a more well-rounded understanding.


Decreased Testosterone Levels

I devote an entire chapter in my book “All about the prostate” on the subject of testosterone and its relationship to prostate disease. I cite many independent scientific studies that show that high testosterone levels are actually beneficial and reduce the risk of prostate disease. This is contrary to the consensus in the medical community which believes that testosterone can cause prostate cancer. It is certainly the case that if you have normal levels of testosterone, that in itself will not cause prostate disease.

Low levels of testosterone, below normal low levels, has shown some direct correlation with prostate inflammation in both the cancerous and non cancerous forms. Continue reading »

Ben Ong

About Ben Ong

Ben Ong is a leading authority on the topic of prostate health, a 15-year veteran of the war on prostate disease and a best-selling author on the subject. Ever since he overcame his own benign Prostatic Hyperplasia early in the year 2000, Ben has been on the front end of research and development of natural integrative treatments for metabolic Prostate disease. He is one of the most sought after experts and public speakers on the issue of Prostate health.

Jun 212016

Welcome to the sisterhood of the shrinking bathing suits!

It’s that time of the year when I get out my box of bathing suits.  I am pretty sure that I accidentally washed them in boiling hot water and dried them on extra high heat before I folded them neatly in this box…………as they all seem to have shrunk! Especially in the tush!

How am I going to keep my tush inside these bathing suits this season?  Staples and tape anyone????

So what’s a gal to do???

  • Thanks to the internet, I can shop for a new bathing suit from the comfort of my own home. You can find a swimsuit that’s flattering and You also can camouflage a lot with a stylish cover-up. Check out these sites:  Swimsuitsforall and Miraclesuit.com.
  • Maintain good posture.Holding your head high, tummy in, and shoulders back, projects an image of self-assurance… and makes you look taller and slimmer, too. Instead of flats, wear sandals with a bit of a heel to give you a longer, leaner look.
  • If you’re not already eating healthy, you can start now! Check out my Menopause Infographic – Weight Gain for some helpful tips!
  • Give your exercise program a boost! Weight-bearing exercises are not only important for toning those muscles, but it is very important for your bone health as we age. Walking with a friend is always fun. You get to keep up on the latest scoops and shed some of those extra winter pounds.
  • Drink lots of water. If you’re spending time outdoors, don’t wait until you’re thirsty. Take a filled water bottle with you wherever you go. Sipping throughout the day is easier than chugging your daily intake all at once. Keeping hydrated will result in healthier skin and hair… and a more beautiful you. Ice-cold water will also cool you from the inside out when you’re experiencing a hot flash. Stay away from carbonated beverages, as they can cause bloating.
  • Stay polished. Treat yourself to a pedicure.There are so many fun, happy colors to play with this season.  My new blush color is OPI – Tiramisu for Two – I promise it is not fattening!
  • Wear a big, floppy hat. After all, you should be protecting your skin from the sun, right? Pair the hat with oversized sunglasses and — voilà! — you look fabulous!
  • Let go of that negative chatter in your brain. Unfortunately, while many of us have outgrown our teeny-weeny-bikinis of yesteryear, we haven’t outgrown our negative self-image. Positive thoughts are the first step to projecting a positive image. Leave the mental baggage at home.
  • Put on your smile.If you’re having fun, no one is going to give your swimsuit-clad body a second thought.
  • Grab your sunscreen! Take good care of the skin you are in.

Don’t deprive yourself of the joys of summer.  This summer, realize your self-truth and know you are beautiful, inside and out.

Suffering in silence is OUT! Reaching out is IN!

Download my free eBook MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriends Guide to Surviving and Thriving in Perimenopause and Menopause.

Jun 132016

One in three American men will get prostate cancer during their lifetime. And one in six of those men, who do get prostate cancer, will die of it. Prostate cancer is the second most deadly cancer for men in America. It’s the leading cause of cancer-related death in men over age 75. So it isn’t surprising if you are concerned to find out if you are at risk of getting prostate cancer. You see, an enlarged and or inflamed prostate – which is common in men over age 50, can be a precursor to prostate cancer

But I’m sure that you don’t only want to know if you are at risk, you really want to know what you can do to stop it from happening.

Let me explain why you will NOT reduce the level of your risk by visiting your doctor or taking any of the prescription drugs that he might prescribe for your prostate.

Discovering The Truth

You may wonder why it is that so many doctors prescribe these drugs when there is a far more effective alternative that gives no problems whatsoever. There are several answers to this and the first one is that the American medical system is big business. Continue reading »

Ben Ong

About Ben Ong

Ben Ong is a leading authority on the topic of prostate health, a 15-year veteran of the war on prostate disease and a best-selling author on the subject. Ever since he overcame his own benign Prostatic Hyperplasia early in the year 2000, Ben has been on the front end of research and development of natural integrative treatments for metabolic Prostate disease. He is one of the most sought after experts and public speakers on the issue of Prostate health.

Jun 132016

If you or someone you love is post-menopausal and diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, I suggest you speak the doctor about the Oncotype DX test. This test can help you and your doctor choose the best treatment for you. It can be one of the deciding factors on whether or not you need to have chemotherapy. However, always remember, that the final choice lies with you and you want to be proactive.

According to WebMD, this test doesn’t require any additional procedures as it uses tissue taken during the initial biopsy or surgery. It measures 21 different breast cancer genes in the tumor sample.
The Oncotype DX helps to determine if you need chemotherapy treatment and is recommended for people who have Stage I or II invasive cancer and ER+ (estrogen-receptor positive) cancer. The test looks for patterns that would suggest a more aggressive cancer, and that is likely to come back after treatment. The scores range from 0 – 100. The higher the score, the higher the risk.
You also may be a candidate for the Oncotype DX if you’ve recently been diagnosed with DCIS and you’re having a lumpectomy to remove the DCIS. If you have been diagnosed with DCIS, they use a different scoring which is called, a DCIS score. Your doctor will look at your Oncotype DX score, your tumor size and grade, the number of hormone receptors in your cancer, and your age before recommending a treatment plan.
Information is power, the more you know about your tumor, the more individualized the treatment can become. Continue reading »

What is the Work/Life Balance Like as an Emergency Plumber?

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Jun 102016

The very nature of most jobs dictate that the worker / employee spend most of their time on the job and away from family and home. Not having enough time to relax by oneself or with one’s family is perhaps a major concern for many, when it comes to a healthy work-life balance.

The counter-action to this, I discovered, was to treat everybody like family. Whether it is my co-worker, my supervisor, my client or simply the neighbor across the street. Treating everyone like family, works like a charm, reducing a lot of stress that I used to feel before.

Keep Home and Work Separate

Another thing I realized as an emergency plumber is that, it is always advisable to keep home and work separate. Letting it overlap can cause serious issues at work and home. Let work issues remain outside the home and never bring your family issues to work. These are lines that should not be crossed. My working life continuously provides me with the input I need to maintain a healthy balance between my work and the rest of my life.

The importance of providing customer satisfaction in jobs I undertake impressed upon me the need to be candid and courteous in my approach. After all, the customer’s smile of satisfaction does seem to have a tangible influence, a merging effect, with my happiness and perspective on life. These are but a few things that I have learned over years as a reputed plumber, having a direct influence on my feeling of well-being. Continue reading »


About BDS Drainage

With decades of experience in emergency drain unblocking in London and the surroundings, we pride ourselves on the ability to offer an expert drainage service for a competitive price.

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Given below are 10 reasons why you should opt for plantation shutters over blinds, for your home:

1) Plantation Shutters are an ideal addition to your home, lending it a rustic and timeless character. Blinds or curtains, though available in a larger range, simply do not have the old world charm that shutters offer.

2) Shutters will never go out of style. A fresh coat of paint or varnish, effectively recaptures its shine and finish. Blinds if well-maintained, may last a few years at the best. Over time, it will dull out and fade.

3) Plantation Shutters look beautiful in bay windows. Blinds may look great on bay windows, but it does not come close to the colonial charm of bay window shutters.

4) Plantation Shutters are now available in wood, faux wood, mirrored wood and PVC, offering unmatched durability for years. Blinds, on the other hand will show signs of wear-and-tear and will eventually fade due to the sun rays and regular cleaning.

5) Shutters make your home stand out, on the street. Not everyone has shutters on their windows. Blinds are more common and although useful, fail to make a statement.

6) Shutters demand less maintenance as compared to blinds or curtains. They are easier to clean and stay clean. Continue reading »


About Lifestyle Shutters And Blinds Ltd.

Lifestyle Shutters and Blinds Ltd design and install all aspects of internal window shutters as well as bespoke window blinds. We are based in Chelmsford and cover all the surrounding areas in Essex.

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I strive to keep you up to date on the latest information and science.

I have been reading a lot about liquid biopsies quite possibly changing the way we analyze tumors!

According to the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), “Certain fragments of DNA shed by tumors into the bloodstream can potentially be used to non-invasively screen for early-stage cancers, monitor responses to treatment and help explain why some cancers are resistant to therapies.”

Did you know that a liquid biopsy offers a real-time view to track and monitor response to therapy and tumor burden in a timely manner so physicians can rapidly respond and adapt to changes in a tumor during the course of therapy?

I reached out to Dr. Veena Singh who is the Senior VP and Sr. Medical Director of Biocept to learn more about this cutting-edge technology.

I asked Dr. Singh, to explain what a liquid biopsy is in layperson speak. “A liquid biopsy for cancer patients is a blood test that analyzes tumor products shed into the blood by all regions of a tumor, including the original (primary tumor) and metastatic sites. The analysis is done through circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and/or fragments of DNA from the tumor cells (cfDNA).”

Dr. Singh went on to explain that today, liquid biopsy tests are used to identify genetic mutations and to determine if patients are a match for targeted therapy options and to monitor tumors for a reception to treatments. This is done by comparing the tumor DNA with the DNA from normal cells (white blood cells) to detect and monitor genetic alterations. Continue reading »

May 312016

Partitions benefit an office in many ways as they separate and organize the complete workplace into smaller departments which in turn helps the employees to work with their peace of mind and concentration levels intact and their privacy maintained. It also is a straightforward option to install expansions in the coming years if necessary. Building up walls are expensive compared to these and also walls shut out all sorts of communications between team members; partitions however protect confidentiality yet provide room for inter-colleague communications. These are hard wearing, cost effective temporary walls that can be easily bought from the marketplace and fitted quickly whenever and wherever required.

Office Partitions

Office Partitions

Diversity Of Partitions:

Partitions can be of many types, and they vary in material, design, style and cost. The most modern form of such office barriers are glass barriers, and portable or movable barriers. A few types of office barriers are listed below:

  • Glass Barriers: This official type of barrier is preferred by most modern corporate offices. These barriers are comprised of glass mostly enclosed within an aluminum framework, but some variants are devoid of frames as well. They can be full height or partly cut. Smoky or frosty glass and colored glass add more privacy. These allow natural light to fill up the workplace and keep the outside noise at bay. The cost of these depends upon the type of glass, variety of frame and desired styling and designs etc.

Continue reading »

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Sex is the Secret to a Healthy Prostate

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May 262016


The prostate is a small but vital gland in the male body and one that most men over 50 are familiar with for unfortunate reasons.

Prostate diseases such as BPH, prostate inflammation, Prostatitis and even Prostate cancer are becoming increasingly more common and showing up in men once considered too young.

When looking at numbers such as those provided by the prostate cancer foundation, “The risk of BPH increases every year after age 40: BPH is present in 20% of men in their fifties, 60% of men in their sixties, and 70% of men by age 70.”

The British NHS states that almost 15% of all men will develop prostate cancer”, so it is fair to say that Prostate disease is modern man’s persistent plague.

The side effects of Prostate disease are as numerous as they are nasty. From depriving you of your ability to sleep through the night to incontinence and urgency, from erectile dysfunction, to retrograde ejaculation, and that’s just to name a few.  Ask any man with BPH, he’ll assure you that the symptoms are not fun and the disease is no joke.

Whether or not sex is good for prostate problems is a question many men wonder but very rarely vocalize.  They know that the doctor will tell them to abstain from sex before a PSA test, (Prostate Specific Antigen), but they don’t actually know if an active sex life is exacerbating their problems, or causing new problems. Continue reading »

Ben Ong

About Ben Ong

Ben Ong is a leading authority on the topic of prostate health, a 15-year veteran of the war on prostate disease and a best-selling author on the subject. Ever since he overcame his own benign Prostatic Hyperplasia early in the year 2000, Ben has been on the front end of research and development of natural integrative treatments for metabolic Prostate disease. He is one of the most sought after experts and public speakers on the issue of Prostate health.

Top Uses and Utility Of Stainless Steel Round Bars

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May 182016

Stainless steel round bars are produced in mills through the process of rolling or extrusion. It is produced in the form of long strips, which are cut into uniform lengths to make round bars. Round bars are also called rods. The stainless steel round bars are highly resistant to corrosive action due to the presence of chromium. These round bars are alloys of steel and chromium, where the chromium metal lends the bar its corrosion resistant property by forming an invisible protective layer against oxidation of metal and thus preventing the formation of rust.

Stainless steel round bars are used for a wide range of purposes. Over time, machining grades have been largely improved which allows the stainless steel round bars to be machined into components. They can be subjected to heat treatment to achieve grades for higher hardness and strength. Adding and varying constituent elements can also augment the corrosion resistant capacity of such bars. All these processes help produce stainless steel bars of desired characteristics. These bars are extensively used for machining purposes and in a wide variety of structural applications.

Stainless Steel Round Bars

Stainless Steel Round Bars

Dimensions and Preparation

The stainless steel round bars come in diameters of varying sizes. These usually range from 3mm to more than 300mm. Bars of diameter up to 25mm are usually drawn, and above that, but less than 101mm, the bars are annealed and then polished. Bars of still higher thickness are pushed through rough turning to tolerance level k12. Finally, these bars are processed and cut into desired lengths. Continue reading »

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May 092016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgYou’re hot, you’re moody, and you can’t remember the last time you got a good night’s sleep, let alone where you left your keys. Welcome to the club, you’re in perimenopause!

Wait? Aren’t those the symptoms of menopause? Nope. When most women think of the meaning of menopause, they really aren’t thinking of menopause at all. They are thinking about perimenopause, a time that can begin in your late 30s or early 40s and reach into your 50s. Perimenopause comes with a host of hormonal changes and lasts anywhere from 6 to 10 years—until you haven’t had your period for a full 12 months in a row. Then you have graduated to menopause! (Sorry, no cap and gown for this one.)

The first step to finding hormone happiness is to ID and track your symptoms. Download my free Menopause Symptoms Chart and start tracking. Each day, chart the frequency, duration, and severity of your perimenopause symptoms. Talk them over with your perimenopause and menopause specialist to learn how to not just mask the symptoms, but treat their underlying cause. Don’t have a perimenopause and menopause specialist? Here are some simple tips to help you find the perfect one near you!

Want to proactive about your perimenopausal journey?  Here are some perimenopausal symptoms to be on the alert for along with some solutions:


Hot flashes, probably the most infamous of perimenopausal symptoms, strike about two-thirds of women during “the change.” During perimenopause and menopause, the levels and balance of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone begin to fluctuate. When your estrogen levels begin to decrease, they can trigger your body’s thermostat to send a signal that you are overheated. This causes your body to send out an all hands on deck alert: your heart pumps faster, the blood vessels in your skin dilate to circulate more blood to radiate heat, and your sweat glands release sweat to cool you even more. Your body cools down when it otherwise wouldn’t, and you are left feeling miserable: soaking wet in the middle of a board meeting like me or in the middle of a good night’s sleep.

The Fix: Regular exercise, healthy eating, acupuncture, herbal remedies, antidepressant medications, and hormone therapy (HT) are some of the most common options to reduce and even rid your life of hot flashes. Which treatment (or a combination of treatments) works for each woman varies. Talk with your specialist about these perimenopause coolers. Continue reading »

May 072016

This is an interesting infographic that was sent to me…

University of Southern California | Master of Science in Applied Psychology Online

About David Desautel

The owner and operator of The Boomer Blogs, a retired computer professional living in Sequim, WA, a Vietnam veteran, a life-long Elvis Presley fan, and co-owner (with my wife Malen) of a great online business site selling new & used treasures - your 24/7 garage sale destination! http://dm-treasures.biz

May 022016

Sarah Chairing Operation Smile event in NYC

This Mother’s Day, I want to honor my daughter.

On August 8, 2014, Sarah became a mother to Aviva or as she is now calling herself, “V”! I became Grandma EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Never in my wildest dreams did I understand the explosion of love and joy that watching Sarah mother Aviva would bring to my life.

Today’s parents do have the Internet and even apps to help them prepare for and cope with the responsibilities of parenthood. But no website or app can teach you how to love your child. That simply comes from within. The flood of love and tenderness that is unleashed with the birth of a baby is beautiful to watch.

Sarah is a SAHM.  This was a new term to me.  It stands for, Stay at Home Mom. It is a choice and one that was discussed in great detail together with her husband, Sol.

I too chose to be a SAHM. In 1980 smack in the middle of the women’s movement, I chose to resign from my job as Deputy Treasurer of the Carter Re-Election Campaign. David and I chose to leave a very successful life in politics in Washington, DC. and move to Tucson, Arizona where my family lived.  I had no idea that in doing so, I had “betrayed” the women’s movement. Women were furious with me. I had successfully achieved a very high-level job in a man’s world – how could I give up my career to stay home with my first born?  Apparently, it was a cardinal sin! Who knew??? Continue reading »

May 012016

I suppose May is a perfectly fine month to start thinking about getting fit. The weather is getting nicer, and the fear of squeezing into a bathing suit is looming large. However, wouldn’t it be more efficient to think about fitness all year long? That would take the pressure off the month of May. Then all we would have to do in May is the same thing we did in April and so forth.

As I go through my own midlife journey, I think a lot more about health and wellness. That is the real reason to get and stay fit. For those of us who need to shed a few pounds (and by us, I also mean me), I like to think of weight loss as health gain. That takes some of the pressure off, too. I am not aiming towards a weight goal. I am focused on overall health.

So let’s remove all the guesswork from what we should be doing every day to maintain good fitness. It all comes down to common sense and one simple math equation. According to the current American Heart Association (AHA) exercise guidelines, we need to be physically active for at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Now the AHA came up with this great advice based on scientific evidence that clearly shows that this level of physical activity has a positive effect on reducing the risk of heart disease. That should be our number one goal, by the way, since heart disease is the number one killer of women in the U.S. Continue reading »

About Dr. Tara Allmen

Dr. Tara Allmen is one of America’s leading experts in menopausal medicine. She is a Nationally Certified Menopause Practitioner and highly respected in the medical community. Inspired to reach millions of American women over the age of 40 with accurate scientific information that can help them, Dr. Allmen has appeared numerous times on local and national television, created an extensive library of video information available on this website, and the DVD “Menopause in an Hour.” A graduate of New York’s prestigious Stuyvesant High School, Dr. Allmen earned her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University and her medical degree from the State University of New York at Stony Brook, she completed a residency in obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, San Francisco. Dr. Allmen started her professional career in a private obstetrical practice but ultimately decided to follow her passion for menopausal medicine. She joined Columbia Presbyterian’s Center for Menopause, Hormonal Disorders and Women’s Health in 1999, focusing her practice on perimenopause and menopause. Dr. Allmen has educated thousands of medical professionals around the country on menopausal medicine. She has also been featured on television, both in the United States and internationally. Dr Allmen is also the founder and director of The Allmen Foundation, a non-profit organization that primarily supports organizations working in the areas of women’s health, childhood education and animal welfare. The North American Menopause Society, the leading non-profit organization dedicated to menopausal women’s health, refers to Dr. Allmen as a “Visionary” contributor. Having identified the frustrations of many women regarding getting objective, scientifically-based advice on menopause or access to professionals who specialize in menopausal medicine, Dr. Allmen created Menopause in an Hour. Dr. Allmen lives in New York City with her husband, Lawrence M. Kimmel, their two children, and a small dog named Sadie. Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist National Certified Menopause Practitioner Fellow of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Dr. Oz Show Medical Advisory Board CEO, The Allmen Foundation Wife, Mother and Friend

Apr 252016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgDuring menopause, more and more of us are gaining membership to the aptly named “Sandwich Generation,” a group marked by its responsibility to simultaneously care for both its children and parents. So if it seems like everybody wants (scratch that, needs) something from you these days, you’re not alone.

Here are 4 ways to care for yourself while balancing the responsibilities of work, parenting and caring for parents.

  1. Have a Preemptive Talk
    This is not THE “talk” that you are dreading having with your prepubescent children! This is the elder “talk”. It is best to have this “talk” earlier rather than while you are in the midst of a crisis.  Discussing living arrangements, homecare, financial resources, fears, and concerns, can help ease everyone’s minds. For example, many caretakers unnecessarily worry about their parents moving in with them, when the fact of the matter is that their parents don’t want to live with them either! They might prefer to move and begin to downsize, make plans to move to a retirement community, or assisted living facility. You will not fully understand your parents desires, until you have an open conversation with them.  Together, you can create a functional plan that works for all of you.  This should include getting all of the medical and legal paper work handled ahead of time.  Organizing beforehand will help you to set healthy boundaries and meet realistic caregiving goals. Make sure that all of your siblings feel included and share in the responsibilities as best they can.  Remember: No parent is perfect. You may have lingering emotions and anger issues with your parents which can impede your ability to cope with your newfound caregiving responsibilities. Try to find ways to forgive, not just for your parents’ sake, but for your own health and wellbeing as well.

Continue reading »

Choosing the Right Carport Size for Your Family

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Apr 232016

Homeowners seeking a functional alternative to a brick-and-mortar garage are turning to non-traditional fabric carports to get the best bang for their buck. Aside from the typical considerations such as size and price, it’s important to consider additional aspects of the structure – namely versatility in design, portability, and secondary uses of your fabric carport.

Maybe you bought a second car or decided on a brand new RV trailer for hitting the open road during the warm summer months. Or maybe you want somewhere to store your lawn furniture in addition to your hubby’s Ford SUV. No matter what your needs may be, a sturdy, fabric carport structure will fit the bill. The key is figuring out what type and size to get, because the options can sometimes seem overwhelming.

First Things First

The first step is to take stock of your current needs. How many vehicles do you have? What size(s) are they? There’s a huge difference between a small smart car, which is just shy of nine feet long, and a Chevy Suburban, which reaches clear out to 20 feet. You also have to consider the clearance when your car doors are open, especially when you have two vehicles parked side by side.

Let’s break it down. It may seem obvious, but getting clarity about the end use for your carport is actually the best starting point for deciding on the size you’ll need. And although a fabric carport is worlds more cost-effective and portable than a similar-sized brick-and-mortar model, it’s good to do your homework as well as your “what if…” thinking up front, so you’re sure to get it right the first time. Continue reading »

Apr 192016

People keep talking about the importance of a nourishing breakfast. While it is true that you should never skip it, it will certainly not impact your day any more than your lunch or dinner will. In order to stay healthy and within the range of your desired weight, you should pay attention to everything you eat, not just the first meal of the day.

However, if you haven’t really slept well, or if you are simply not a morning person, you might not be the biggest fan of breakfasting. Here are a few ideas which might help you look forward to that first yummy experience of the day.


Orange and Banana Breakfast Smoothie

Really a favorite of mine, and excellent for keeping your blood pressure and blood sugar levels in check, thanks to the potassium and vitamin B6 found in the bananas. All you’ll need is about ¾ of a cup of orange juice (fresh, if you can), half a cup of sliced bananas, 2 tablespoons of brown sugar, a bit of almond extract (not an absolute must) and a couple of ice cubes.

Blend all the ingredients together first, then add the ice cubes and decorate to your liking.

All this flavor contains only 159 calories, so you don’t have to worry about waistline inches either. Continue reading »

Apr 182016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgMy very first menopausal symptom was brain fog! I would lose my train of thought, mid-sentence.  My husband, David, began finishing my sentences for me during business meetings and even socially.  Next to go was my sleep!  I was not sleepless in Seattle with Tom Hanks…I was sleepless – every night -with David!

Then came Ms. Flash.  I remember my first hot flash like it was yesterday. It was a beautiful spring day, so I couldn’t blame the weather. I was wearing a lightweight pantsuit for work, so I was not overdressed.  David and I were in a business meeting and suddenly I felt a flush of heat radiate throughout my body. My whole body seemed to be blushing and then glistening. When I rose from my chair, I noticed that something wet was dripping down the inner seam of my pant leg. For a minute, I thought I had wet my pants! But oh no…I was perspiring!

Luckily, I always carry a big purse (I think it makes my hips look smaller). With my purse planted firmly in front of my body and my husband tightly behind me, I made a quick exit to our car after the meeting. I know I had come from a business meeting, but I looked like I had just finished a Bikram yoga class or I had run a 10K.

So what’s a gal to do?? First and foremost, you need a fabulous menopause specialist.  If you don’t have one, I have some great tips in my free eBook, MENOPAUSE MONDAYS The Girlfriends Guide to Surviving and Thriving During Perimenopause and Menopause! Continue reading »

Rehabilitation Equipment For Making Life Easier For People In Distress

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Apr 152016

People face different kinds of disability in their lives. The disabilities can be inborn or can be the result of some unfortunate incident that the individual meets with, in life. There are different types of rehabilitation equipment for occupation therapies, speech therapies, and equipment which are meant to treat patients with neurological disorders.  Some people with disability have to depend on rehabilitation equipment to carry on with their regular activities. The rehabilitation equipment helps the disabled to live an independent life, in their own way.


You can Face Life

The challenges that you face due to a disability are many. No matter what type of challenge you face, whether it is an every-day life situation, or to participate in an outdoor activity like sports, there is rehabilitation equipment to help you. Sometimes you may not find the device you need. Talking to the dealers of products is the way to go. There are many online portals from where you can buy the exercise products, rehab positioners and even walkers, cranes and crutches.  You can choose from a variety of designs that the manufacturers make. Continue reading »

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Buy Fabulous Commercial Kitchen Equipment To Expand Your Business

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Apr 132016

The kitchen is an important part of buildings like homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and etc. This is the place where people cook food to serve others and also to satiate their own hunger. At home, you cook and serve meals to your dear ones and visitors on a regular basis. Similarly, at commercial buildings, the professionals prepare food for sale to their customers or members of their organization. Just like you put more focus on your kitchen settings to make your work easier, the owners of commercial kitchens need to organize their kitchen in a perfect way to pull more customers and gain profit. Since they prepare food for the public, they need to abide by the terms and conditions set by local health departments.

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen

Difference between domestic and commercial kitchens:

Domestic kitchens are the ones that are present at home where food is served with care and love and the food is obviously not for sale. They do not need to be highly presentable in looks to please customers. But commercial kitchens are about making a profit by delivering quality food and top rated customer service. In these types of kitchens, the food is prepared specifically for sale. They are capable of accomplishing certain things that are impossible to do at home within such time and with ease. This is because the settings are totally different from the domestic kitchen. They have to be built to a higher standard as compared to the other types of utility areas. Continue reading »

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Apr 072016

Here is a great infographic!

USF The University of San Francisco

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Apr 042016

http://www.shmirshky.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/02/Ellen_Dolgen_Menopause_Monday.jpgDuring our menopausal years, our sex lives have so much from which they can benefit: a strong sense of self, deep relationships, and bodies we actually know how to use! Nip your vaginal dryness in the bud and you’ll really have something to celebrate!

In fact, some say that women’s sexual satisfaction actually tends to increase with age despite the hormonal changes of menopause.


 “As we age, most of us become more aware of what we need in the bedroom and how to get there. We feel more deserving of sexual pleasure and are more willing to ask for what we want from our partners,” says Hilda Hutcherson, M.D. Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Columbia University Medical Center and author of Pleasure: A Woman’s Guide to Getting the Sex You Want, Need and Deserve. “In our 50s we are more likely to focus on our pleasure than in our 20s, when we tend to focus almost exclusively on his experience.”

So if your current sex isn’t the best you’ve ever had, it’s time to do something about it. After all, you do have hormonal changes to contend with.

“Women may first notice sexual changes during the perimenopausal stage, which can begin up to 10 years before your very last period, or menopause. That means that some women will begin to have symptoms of decreasing estrogen in their mid-late 30s or early 40s. The first sexual complaint is often painful sex due to vaginal dryness. Estrogen is needed to keep your vagina moist, plush, and stretchable. When estrogen is low, women may notice vaginal dryness, which can lead to painful sex,” says Dr. Hutcherson. Continue reading »

Garden Shed Insulation: Things to Consider

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Apr 012016

Your kid’s old baby stroller, your wife’s stack of audio cassettes, clothing items you wore on those big days – these definitely deserve a special place in your life, but are they a part of your everyday life? The house eventually gets filled up to the brim and the lack of storage becomes an issue. So, how about some garage or shed storage that could safely keep your precious items?

To make sure the stored objects are protected, the shed has to be properly insulated and secured from all sorts of weather conditions. It is true to say that this project will require some money, time and elbow grease, but it will result in a multipurpose facility that can be used for storage, a gym space, DIY workshop or even plant growing.



If you search for sheds on the internet, the chances are that you will stumble upon some stylish and fancy examples, but the reality is quite different. Most of them are quite likely built years ago and haven’t seen any maintenance work since. With this in mind, your initial task is to take care of the structure and seal tight all the gaps and cracks.

This involves the replacement of window panes, roof reparations and wall fix-ups. When it comes to the former, quality custom double glazed windows are the best available option. They are equipped with a couple of glass layers and an additional air layer for protection. This will efficiently settle the window problems for many years. Continue reading »

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Mar 312016

Since the concept of artificial intelligence was first dreamed of, Hollywood has made a tremendous amount of money portraying it in film. Movie-goers are naturally interested in artificial intelligence and like to imagine the worst possible outcomes that could result as artificial intelligence becomes a more common part of our daily life.

Of course, Hollywood has been known to get a few things wrong when it comes to portraying scientific technologies on the big screen. What is really surprising is they actually get a few things right. Here’s a look at what Hollywood gets right and wrong about artificial intelligence.

Mind uploading

One of the most common tropes in artificial intelligence fiction is the concept of mind uploading, or digital immortality. The idea behind mind uploading is that humans can artificially become immortal by uploading human consciousness into a machine or robot of some kind. The most recent Hollywood film to make use of this trope was Chappie. Though the concept has enjoyed a lot of popularity in Hollywood films, Artificial Intelligence experts say that it’s also one of the most inaccurate. Currently, science is nowhere near being able to upload human consciousness into a machine. Though a few theorize it could possibly happen far in the future, the majority in the scientific community believe it’s nothing but science fiction. Continue reading »

Mar 252016

A door is a structure in the building that is used for opening or closing off an entrance. It is made of wood, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aluminum, glass or iron. The doors are usually attached from both sides or on one side and they swing on hinges. Moreover, the interior side of the front door faces the inside of the house while the exterior side faces the outside of the house. It is very important that the front door must be made of wood, hard timber, steel or aluminum, to resist burglary attempts, thefts and even storms and snowfall. It should also be seen, while installing the doors, that they are rust and termite-free, so that they last long and become a worthy monetary investment.

Front Doors

Front Doors

Types of doors used in the commercial sectors

  • The Electronic opening front doors allows an individual to come in and leave without touching or opening the door. This makes life much easier and convenient.
  • The fingerprint or card-key access front door improves the security of the building, keeps the internal communications confidential, and is ideal for managing the employees. Since these doors can recognize many fingerprints, they are great to be used in large organizations, institutions and schools, where the attendance record needs to be maintained.
  • These types of doors can be seen in the commercial sectors such as business process outsourcing, hospitals, nursing homes, airports etc. Compared to the hand method, the fingerprint or key access front doors are more accurate and cost-effective as they employ more technically advanced ideas to calculate the attendance of the employees. 

Continue reading »

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